Trump Still President But Didn’t Get All of His Wishes

Everyone who supports President Trump is relieved he has been acquitted by the Senate.  We all got what we wanted, a quick trial, and move forward.  As Trump supporters, we cannot help but feel bad for our president, who has been fighting off these and other allegations since day one.  Maybe, that is why Trump feels he did not get the trial he wanted.

America was tired of the drama, and the lies are thrown by the Democrats, and we are sick of how they treat President Donald Trump, our president.  We wanted it over quickly, but the president wanted something to embarrass the Democrats even more than they were at the sound of “ACQUITTED!”  Trump wanted to take a front-row seat, the most significant grand finale with fireworks going off.

We can’t really say we blame him.  After all, we wanted it to happen too, but we are just plain tired.  No more witnesses; we’ve heard enough.

Matt Schlapp, who is a strong supporter of the president, said, “If that’s the lion’s share of the media coverage, sure, he won’t like that coverage.”  In the end, President Trump acknowledged, no matter what, the Democrats will criticize him and find new ways to go up against him.

There are always other things Democrats could say.  We’ve heard enough.  Schlapp continued, “The die is already cast.  If they had witnesses, they would say he got off for some other reason.  It’s never enough.”

On Fox News, Democrat supporters cried out, they still have more evidence.  Where?  Where is the evidence to which they still have not shown?

Trey Gowdy said it best when he confronted the Democrats when the Mueller investigations were the talk of the town.  He told them.  “Show me the evidence.  Show me what you have.  Put it right here in front of me.  Otherwise, if you don’t have it, then SHUT UP!”

We are still waiting for the evidence, and Wednesday evening, the Fox News host and guest busted out laughing.  They are still crying, “wolf!”

The tweets from President Trump went along with how the trial went from start to finish.  He came out blasting, then the trial was pretty much over the next day because everyone knew Trump was innocent.  The tweets slowed down and then at the very end, BOOM!!!  The excitement came on Twitter, and the happiness of this trial was over with an acquittal.

Trump was happy at the acquittal but wanted “a full slate of witnesses” and “not just an acquittal but rather a full exoneration.”  But as the saying goes, “All good things come to those who wait.”

Senator Lindsey Graham told Laura Ingraham, now that everything is over, they will carry a full-blown investigation on the Bidens.  They will pull out all the stops and get to the bottom of everything.  Graham explained how it is better for Trump and the nation that getting the trial over with and seeking justice after the acquittal would play in Trump’s favor.

President Trump settled down after Mitch McConnell persuaded him to settle for a quick trial and go after the banshees after.

Last Tuesday, Trump said it all in his tweet, “No matter how many witnesses you give the Democrats, no matter how much information is given, like the quickly produced Transcripts, it will NEVER be enough for them.  They will always scream UNFAIR. The Impeachment Hoax is just another political CON JOB!”  And that is exactly what happened.

The White House summed up everything after the acquittal by saying, “House Democrats utterly failed to make their case when they had the chance.  Now, they’re trying to make up for their failure and salvage their baseless sham by insisting the Senate call new witnesses to testify.”

Some of the GOP Senators are stepping up to assist Trump by pressing charges against Nancy Pelosi for ripping up the SOTU Speech.  We don’t know if she will get the full sentence, but that is up to three years in prison for a federal offense.

Many feel now that all this mess is behind us, it will make it easier for President Trump’s team to shut the Democrats down for good by taking the legal steps necessary.  Schiff is also guilty of perjury and other crimes the team will go after.  They also see the elections for these Democrats coming up for re-election.  What better way to drain the swamp than to vote them out?