Trump Slams Pelosi: She’s ‘A Weak Pathetic Puppet’ Over Pandemic Clash

The whole world is at war with the COVID-19, and America is in a secret war when it comes to good versus evil.  President Trump is considered the good guy in the white hat. The deep state is definitely the invisible enemy in which President Trump keeps mentioning in his daily press conferences.

The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could very well be the devil’s sister.  It has been an ongoing war between Trump and Pelosi, and President Trump may have had enough as he now speaks with his full authority.

President Trump’s favorite platform, Twitter is where he can freely voice his opinion and reach out to the American people to let everyone know the truth.  Recently he has slammed the House Speaker over their latest battle, the World Health Organization (WHO).

President Trump has cut off the funding for the WHO, and Pelosi had a mouthful to feed Trump because he cut off their supply of money laundering and evil agendas.  He called her a “weak and pathetic puppet.”

President Trump called out Pelosi by repeating the words from Fox News’ Sean Hannity.  He stated, “She is totally incompetent & controlled by the Radical Left, a weak and pathetic puppet.  Come back to Washington and do your job!”

These wars of words are the latest effort of the President to get the Democrats back to DC to do what they are supposed to be doing as we try to bring our economy back and fight the COVID-19 pandemic.  Democrats show no interest in doing either.

Pelosi shot back with lies as she sent a letter to the Democrats in the House, stating that which is not true.  The letter stated, “Trump dismantled the infrastructure handed to him, which was meant to plan for and overcome a pandemic, resulting in unnecessary deaths and economic disaster.”

Here is where we can all say, “UH, EXCUSE US!”  The Obama administration was a disaster and was one of the darkest times in American history for an administration.  President Trump took what was broken and fixed it faster and better than anyone else could ever do.  The most amazing part is he did it with loud mouth liars like Pelosi setting up roadblocks every step of the way.

There was no plan from Obama to get us through a pandemic.  In fact, now we see the hoarding as millions of stockpiled ventilators, masks, and other PPE was stored to make everything look like a shortage.  Who was to blame?  Obama and the Democrats because nothing was replenished after the H1N1 Flu under Obama’s administration.

But wait, it gets worse.  The letter continued, “Democrats must first understand the truth of what has put us in this position.  Trump was warned about the pandemic in January, ignored those warnings and took insufficient action, and caused unnecessary death and disaster.”

UH, EXCUSE US AGAIN!!  Democrats put themselves in the position they face, not Trump.  How about when Trump started doing something which was in January, he closed the borders.  Who criticized him?  Pelosi, Biden, and every Democrat ridiculed him.

Pelosi continued to say that the strong economy was handed to him by the Obama administration.  What planet are these idiots from?  Trump built the economy greater than it has ever been.

How can she claim it wasn’t Trump?  How can anyone claim Obama built the economy?  The economy was at its lowest when Trump took it and put it to where it was before the virus shut everything down.

The greatest thing Trump did was during one of his press conferences, where he put two huge TV screens up and showed the media their reports and the Democrats’ words.  He made them eat their own words and backed everything up with the timeline of events.

Pelosi is outraged as President Trump is denying funds to the WHO.  There will be a 60 to 90-day investigation as to why there is so much death when China and the WHO withheld the valuable information which could have saved lives.

Some reporters are even trying to lie their way out of the videos which the White House put together.  The camera does not lie.  There is nothing Pelosi can say to counter President Trump.  He is already seven steps ahead of the deep state.

As the plug is now to complete the draining of the swamp, we now see the swirl starting, and the rest of the swamp will follow down the drain.