Trump is Furious! The Foolish Democrats Stall Again on Aid

Democrats are up to their old tricks again by stalling on another bill that would provide $250 billion in aid to small business owners. The Democrats want to add a lot of socialistic ideas to every bill that is coming from the Senate.

When President Trump pushed the $2.2 trillion bill around, the Democrats of Congress poisoned it with their trash. And now it appears that they are at it again with the latest help coming from President Trump.

The liberals would have everyone think that it is the Republicans that are stalling. But they are the ones pushing for the bill to be passed. It is more than political differences that are keeping the Democrats from working with the Republicans.

They hate the fact that they cannot push their liberal agenda on people. They hate the point that the president has unraveled their sacred laws that have effectively trashed the freedoms that people should have for being Americans.

American business owners are struggling, and the Democrats want to play games. People are failing at their businesses and the liberals want to sit around and hold things up. The Republicans were not able to bring the bill up for a vote recently because the nasty liberals demanded more legislation and control over people and the way they could spend the money. What the Democrats are after is power. They are looking to control people and what they can do.

Chuck Schumer is the devil that is trying to make the Republicans look bad when he lies that “It’s time for the Republicans to quit the political posturing by proposing bills they know will not pass either chamber and get serious and work with us towards a solution.”

Schumer has to realize that the Democrats need to stop posturing and threatening to cry when a bill comes up for a vote. The liberals have never worked well when things are not to their benefit.

The Democrats hide their greed for money and power behind compassion. They want to expand the food stamp program that President Trump has reduced. They want to publicly fund hospitals so the government can dictate how they are run.

These are two avenues of socialist control. A publicly-funded hospital would have to bow to the demands of the liberal lawmakers or lose their funding.

The help that American business needs right now is greater than ever. The Democrats want to see the last bill go bankrupt so they can rub it in the president’s face that it fell short of meeting all the needs.

To further fund a bill that makes the president look good just makes the Democrats sick. There will be other times when the Democrats can talk about what they want for people. The matter of urgency is to help the small business owner so they can provide jobs to those that lost them.

Pelosi and shady Schumer stated that “We all desire an end to the shutdown orders so we can get Americans back to work and back to normal. However, there is still not enough testing available to really allow that to happen.” Pelosi must not hear herself speak. She makes no sense at all. She maintains that the testing is what allows people to get back to work or in some way helps people get better.

Testing has nothing to do with lifting the social distancing orders. All it does is identify people that have. It must have never occurred to the liberals that the reason why America has the highest numbers is that they are testing more people than any other nation.

Pathetic Pelosi and Schumer are jokes on steroids. They try and speak like they know what they are talking about, but they come across as bumbling fools. Nothing they have said makes any logical sense.

More testing will only show that the mortality rate is lower than what was once predicted. President Trump and the Republicans have been the perfect balance to helping the nation through this terrible time. They are the heroes that have kept things moving for people to be able to do their jobs safely.