Trump is Furious: Issues Stern Warning to Liberal States

More states are beginning to fight the federal government and ICE agents as they move in to arrest and remove illegals at courthouses and jails all across the country. The more resistance that the states have towards securing the country the worse it is going to get for the areas where the illegals feel safe.

Attorney General Barr and Chad Wolf are telling the supreme courts in various states to be careful about restricting the enforcement of immigration laws. It comes down to the safety of the people. Barr stated that “Regardless of how one views our immigration laws, we should all agree that public safety should be of paramount concern.  Court rules that would purport to further restrict the lawful operations of federal law enforcement officials only serve to exacerbate sanctuary laws and policies that continue to place our communities at unacceptable risk.”

The state of Oregon is the latest state to restrict ICE agents from coming into the area and arresting illegals. The state believes that ICE needs to have a warrant for the person’s arrest before they can be apprehended.

The judges have forgotten that the rules of the country do not apply to illegals as they are not citizens of the United States. Other states are considering similar laws. These states are setting themselves up for criminal battles and warfare with the federal government who will start to pass legislation forbidding states from interfering with federal law enforcement.

Sanctuary cities are the dumbest idea that the Democrats have come up with yet to protect their illegal friends. These cities have seen an enormous increase in violent crimes. And there is nothing that the police can do about it because the offenders are not being prosecuted to the point of being deported. Illegals believe that they have the ultimate gig as they can act how they want and never have to answer for their actions. And they are right. The dumb Democrats have made it so ICE cannot do their job.

The illegals that are in the cities are free to re-offend multiple times. And there is nothing that the police can do because they can be in trouble for violating sanctuary city laws. Barr has also stated that  “These states laws and policies force state and local officers to release criminal aliens into communities in your States, endangering the public and forcing it to bear the cost of any additional criminal acts they may proceed to commit. These policies have resulted in the release of criminal aliens with convictions for serious and violent offenses, such as domestic violence assaults, firearms offenses, drug trafficking offenses, and violation of protection orders.”

Barr and Wolf are correct that the cities are going to get everything that they are asking for. They will realize their mistake after the damage is done. One such example is from the state of Washington.

An illegal was released and ICE was kept from arresting him. The man went on to commit murder. He became a repeat offender. Had ICE been allowed to do their job the people that he killed would still be alive and the idiot would be back in Honduras where he belongs.

Barr and Wolf have warned further that “Put simply, the policies you are considering endanger the public and hamper law enforcement by interfering with that lawful process.” But like good liberals, the states that they run believe they know better. So they are going to ignore the warning.

In the end, they will have a state full of criminals. And by then it will be too late to do anything about it. People will no longer want to visit the state let alone move to it because of the high crime rates.

ICE is in existence for a reason. They are here to protect the country from the violent criminals that can no longer be in their own country, so they came to the United States.

They came to continue their life of crime in a new area. The Democrats are blind to the facts about crime. They are warped and twisted in their thinking believing that innocent people are the cause of all the crime.