Trump is Found Innocent Again Regarding Hush Money Payments

President Trump has once again has proven himself to be honest and reliable when it comes to business dealing. New York federal prosecutors finished up their investigation of the president regarding his organization’s role in hush-money payments.

The payments were said to have been given to women that claimed they had an affair with President Trump. The prosecutors have also been ordered by a judge to release all their information that might be related to the probe involving Michael Cohen.

The President has been under attack by crazy liberals ever since he became the president. At first, it was the loony Democrats that are still looking for anything that might have been missed at an attempt to bring down the mighty president.

Then the State of New York started in by target his businesses looking for anything that might incriminate the president. So far nothing has ever been found that can be used to incriminate the president of the United States.

It is time for the loony bin Democrats to realize that America chose an honest president that seeks to serve the people and not his interests. President Trump denies having any kind of affair with the women accused of foul play.

His company even was found innocent of the charges that it had paid money to hush the women. At this point in the investigation, it is time to start questioning the women as to which people hired them to accuse an innocent man of these terrible crimes.

The judge has ordered all the material related to the matter released for public viewing. This opens everything up for people to make their judgments about President Trump.

Sadly there will be those loony people that will still believe that President Trump is guilty even though he has been proven innocent. The entire Trump family knew they were innocent and that there would be nothing found that would tie them to Cohen.

This is nothing short of a victory for President Trump.

President Trump is also innocent of any campaign finance violations. The verdict and evidence show that there was no wrongdoing of any kind. This was nothing more than an extension of the witch hunt that was led by the deceptive Democrats in an attempt to smear a man innocent of crimes.

The only thing President Trump and his staff is guilty of is caring for the people of America. He cares so much that he is willing to make decisions that are unpopular with the crazy left.

Crazy Michael Cohen was a criminal from the start. Many of the things that he did on his own were deceptive and criminal. Anything he did was on his own and under his own decision-making. Nothing that he did was ever in the name of the Trump campaign or company. He acted alone.

These two women that claim to have had an affair with the great Donald Trump should be embarrassed that they have lied to the American people. They should be ashamed and never want to show their faces in public again.

Their names will forever go down in history as those who lied for money. Their names will also be linked with Cohen’s name and the crimes that he committed.

The United States of America is blessed to finally have a president that is honest and not serving for personal gain. President Trump has been honest with people from the day he took office.

He promised many things and most of those things he has delivered on. The few that are left that he is still fighting for have not happened because the loony left has fought him every step of the way.

There is no doubt that the Democrats hate America. There is no doubt that they embrace socialist agendas and support the destruction of the county.

They hate Trump and the hate the conservatives in the nation. If they hate America so much, then it is time for them to leave and never come back to this great country.