Trump Has Had it and Taking the House to Court

President Trump is fighting back against corrupt Richard Neal and the dumb Democratic House. The deceptive House Ways and Means Committee somehow got the State of New York to pass a law that would allow them to obtain the private tax returns of President Trump.

The bill that was passed by New York appears to be general enough to put off suspicion of foul play. But the timing of the passing of the state law coincides with the dumb Democrat’s attempt to get the tax returns. There is no doubt that Richard Neal and the New York Governor are locked together in a poorly designed plan to smear President Trump. But their attempt is failing once again.

From NBC News:

President Trump has sued to keep the House Ways and Means Committee from obtaining his tax returns. There is absolutely no reason why Neal or anyone else should see the president’s tax returns. There is no legislative reason why they need them.

All they want to do is smear the president and make him look bad. The court filing is asking the court to provide a “declaratory judgment that the committee ‘lacks a legitimate legislative purpose for obtaining the President’s state tax information.

Conveniently, this new law all of a sudden shows up that would allow the horrible House Democrats to further their attempts to smear President Trump. The president has the same First Amendment Rights that everyone else has. The lawsuit also seeks to “block the Ways and Means Committee from being able to request the taxes through the law, prevent New York Attorney General Letitia James from enforcing it, and stop New York Department of Taxation and Finance Commissioner Michael Schmidt from complying with any request for Trump’s tax filings.

The crazy Democrats are crossing lines of authority that they should not have. They have no business going to the states to obtain information about any president. The demonized Democrats are harassing President Trump because they hate him with a passion. Jay Sekulow says it right when he stated that the lawsuit is “our ongoing efforts to end Presidential harassment.

The demons called Democrats are attacking President Trump and there seems to be no end in sight. Naughty Neal is the only Democrat that can use this law to get what he wants on President Trump. Neal and the New York Governor need to be investigated for conspiring against the president.

By law, there has to be a legislative reason for requesting tax returns for a sitting president. The demons of the Democratic Party did like the fact that President Trump did not publicize his tax returns the day he took office. Ever since that day they have been trying to get them to harass the president.

Some within the Democratic House of Horrors believe the lawsuit will fail. It is so clear to the rest of the nation that their request for the returns is illegal and will ultimately fail because the courts will do the right thing and side with Trump.

The president is the master when it comes to dealing with corrupt Democrats. He knows how they think, and he knows how to play their little court games.

The babies of the Democratic Party know how to cry when their feelings get hurt, much like Cortez does all the time. President Trump will make them cry like the babies they are when he is victorious in court.

President Trump is a president that does not follow tradition. Following tradition has been the problem of the Oval Office for years and there was finally someone brave enough to break from it.

This kind of action is exactly what the people of America want to see in their leaders. They want leaders that are willing to stand up and make the changes that are needed to keep America going in the right direction.

The Democratic Party is a group of people that do not love America. They seek to exploit the nation for their gain and will demolish anyone that stands in their way.

President Trump is the exception to that rule as he stands firm for what is right and what will make America great.