Trump Closing Off Food Stamp Loopholes

Food stamps were something that came around to help people buy food when times were tough. But now food stamps have been used to buy more than food and are now being abused by people that do not need them.

President Trump is a hero for making it more difficult for people to obtain food stamps because he will weed out those that are just abusing the system because they are too lazy to get a job and buy food themselves.

President Trump is trying to plug a loophole that people have been using to acquire the stamps. One official from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program stated, “Recently a millionaire living in Minnesota successfully enrolled in the program simply to highlight the waste of taxpayer money.

Our fix restores confidence in eligibility for SNAP, is consistent from state-to-state, contains costs, and better aligns SNAP with other means-tested programs nationwide. This proposal will not only save money but more importantly, it preserves the integrity of the program while ensuring nutrition-assistance programs serves those most in need.”

People have found a way to get onto the program when they do not need it. This taxes the system and keeps people that are truly in need of getting the assistance they need. People have become dependent on the program and do not want to be removed but that is all about to change.

They will no longer be able to take advantage of a program that was initially designed to help people. It was never designed to be used by a bunch of freeloaders. The Democratic party would be in favor of every person in America being on food stamps, so they could control those that do not agree with them.

Republicans in Congress have been trying to change the criteria needed to be on the program but have met resistance from people that believe freeloaders need to be on the program. President Trump has made it possible by taking executive action.

He does not need to wait for the Democratic-run Congress to act because everyone knows that they will never take action on anything.

Right now any person can apply for food stamps. Under normal circumstances, they must meet an income threshold criteria to qualify. But if they have collected a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefit or have been referred to the program by another agency then they can effectively take advantage of the food stamp program.

The loophole must be filled in America is going to be great again. There are so many jobs that people can get to make money and buy their food with, but they have become lazy and do not want to work. The president is in effect putting the back to work by taking away their advantage.

The rule change that the president is making will save taxpayers $2.5 billion every year. It will result in the removal of three million people for the program. This means three million more workers to help the economy grow even more in the coming months.

The pressure on the program will also be reduced dramatically. The program needs to be in operation for those that have a real need. It is not for people that make enough money to buy food for their own families. Freeloaders have been using the stamps in ways that they should not be using them. Food stamps are too used for the basics of food purchase and not for buying electronics or other such devices.

Over time people have found ways around the regulations, and they have created these loopholes that need to deal with. President Trump is right in wanting to plug this hole that has become such a drain on the system.

Each year more taxpayer money is being added to the program because people have found the way essentially to get free food from the government. This greatly takes away from the mouths that truly need it the most. People that are on food stamps need to have a plan to come off of them when they can do so.