Trump Administration to RoboCallers: We’re Sorry Your Call Cannot be Completed as Dialed

It has always seemed like an intrusion of privacy to anyone who has ever been inundated with those computer-generated and always untimely marketing calls. Now those faceless, thoughtless, and auto-generated calls might be coming to an end. According to one story, regarding the Trump Administration’s new proposed measures, they think the harassment has gone far enough too!

Who hasn’t experienced this? Maybe it comes when you are driving in maddening wall-to-wall traffic on your way to work in the morning? Those bots seem to like the early hours. Some of them, after all, just don’t sleep!

Perhaps it is when you are expecting a very important call, that new job… new baby coming? And it is right then when they come in droves as you are eating lunch. Them bots are also fond of that lunch hour, and some of them don’t eat either!

It might have been on your way home in rush-hour traffic, or maybe worse, when you finally have arrived home for dinner. A hot meal, shoes off, end of a long workday, and then your call song starts playing. Then again. And again. Yeah, these bots love to keep those late afternoons and early evening hours as well. Rest? Nah, these bots have no need for that either!

They don’t eat, they don’t sleep, they don’t rest, and some days it seems as if they never stop. Computer-generated RoboCalls are more than a nuisance, in addition to being thoughtless and inconvenient. In fact, words like “predatory” have been attached to this scheme, now being used by marketing companies, awareness organizations, and others of even less repute and admirable goals.

During another President’s administration, citizens might get some acknowledgment, some type of communication that would convey that they hear the voice of the people. Although not much would generally follow in terms of action.

Under another President’s leadership, we might be given some lip service about how they are discussing a way to address these real-life and practical issues. Yet there shouldn’t be too much expected that will help the headaches of real men and women, of real families, the issues that make a difference in real lives.

President Trump and his administration are not those Administrations of year’s past, and it appears as if the outcry against RoboCallers has finally been heard. As the story reported, “The Trump administration filed civil actions for temporary restraining orders Wednesday in two landmark cases against five companies and three individuals allegedly responsible for carrying hundreds of millions of fraudulent robocalls to American consumers… .”

And if that sounds criminal, that’s because it is criminal. These are the same types of businesses that scam our elderly. Many of these sources are merely crooks who are seeking information to use, often causing great financial and personal heartache.

Those ideas were echoed by the Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt, who said, “Robocalls are an annoyance to many Americans, and those that are fraudulent and predatory are a serious problem, often causing devastating financial harm to the elderly and vulnerable members of our society,” as the story went on to report.

This isn’t lip-service or a simple address from the podium during a campaign season acknowledging a problem, this was action. And it was definitive and legal! Shady telemarketers, allow us to introduce you to President Donald Trump and his administration.

Maybe it is just a matter of time now before the robot on the other end is greeted with one of its own kind? “We’re sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and try again. If you feel you have reached…” perfect!

The only thing better than that? Preventing these parasites from even being able to make those calls at all. Unfortunately, many of these calls are now coming from overseas “companies,” only adding to the headache and problem. It is the Administration’s collaboration with other departments and officials that is also evidence of their commitment to fixing the problem.

To that fact, U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said, “we are using all available tools and resources to stop foreign call center scammers — and for the first time their U.S.-based enablers — from conning elderly and vulnerable victims in New York and throughout the United States… protecting individuals from schemes that result in catastrophic losses to the victims is a priority of this Office and the Department of Justice.”

Yes, the Robocallers days are numbered, and so is their number.

“We’re sorry, the number you’re calling is no longer in service…”

Don’t feel too bad for them though, we’ve heard that they are entitled to get one phone call from there.