Trump Accuses Democrats of ‘Staging a Coup’

In 2016, the world witnessed how the Democratic Party pushed out Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic candidate to go up against Donald Trump for President.

Countless times President Trump had referred back to 2016 when the Democrats shafted Sanders and how they are doing it to him again.  Trump called the Democratic primary “rigged” as two more candidates dropped out of the primary race over the weekend.

President Trump noted how Senator Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg dropped out to exchange favors for positions in the administration to come.  Trump told reporters, “I think it’s rigged against Bernie.  Sanders could still pull through and win the nomination.  It was rigged against me, and I won in 2016.”

Democrats are the most notorious hypocrites and continuously done to others what they claim in their false assertions what they say the President has done.  President Trump called it their own “quid pro quo.”  Even though there is no evidence to back up the claim, the reality is undeniable.

Both candidates, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar dropped out and said they were going to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden.  A few days after Biden won the South Carolina bid, this gives him more momentum into going into Super Tuesday.

It is no secret, no one likes Bernie Sanders in the Democratic field.  As bad off as the Democrats are, they must still have a slight form of morality.  Either that or they are not ready to go full-blown into revealing their socialist agendas to the world.  Sanders is a bit too far left for the Left to handle.

Sanders is still going strong as the front runner for the primaries.  Since Buttigieg dropped out of the race, Iowa goes to Sanders.  Sanders won New Hampshire and Nevada.  Joe Biden comes in at a closer second than when he started, but the votes for Buttigieg and Klobucher will most likely go to Biden.  This will put him as the front runner as predicted.

It is hard to tell about Warren and Bloomberg.  These are the next two in the line below Sanders and Biden.  Many are angry at how Bloomberg is buying his way into the race.  Those who vote for Bloomberg, experts say it will pull the votes away from Bernie Sanders.  Should Elizabeth Warren withdraw, her support goes to Bernie Sanders.

Looking back at 2016, we can see history repeating itself in the Democratic primaries.  The exact same thing is happening to Sanders as Biden is trailing him.  Those who are closest to the Trump campaign see Bernie as the weakest chain link to go head to head against Trump in the presidential election.

Democrats never play fair.  President Trump even said a few times, he almost feels bad for Bernie.  Before Trump left the White House Monday, he tweeted, “Democrats are staging a coup against Bernie.”  It’s kind of funny, but it’s not.

On the eve of Super Tuesday, President Trump went to Charlotte and held a rally for his campaign.  It doesn’t matter what the Democrats do, Trump is right there at the right places, at the right times!

Monday night, Trump did as he always does and pokes fun of the Democratic candidates with the silly and funny nicknames he gives them.  Trump told the crowd of about 10,000 people, “We like to go the night before one of their primaries.  We like to do a little trolling.”

Trump attacked Biden with a misstatement he made earlier Monday.  Trump joked, “Tomorrow in states across the nation (voters) will be heading to the polls for Super Tuesday, not ‘Super Thursday.'”

Biden has had many mistakes leading many to believe he is incompetent, some of which are downright hilarious.  And Trump capitalizes on every one of them!

As for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Trump had this to say, “What a mess he is.  He’s a disaster waiting to happen. He’s a mess.”

One of the last things Trump said about Bernie Sanders without mentioning his name, but we all know who he was talking about was, “Eight months from now we’re going to defeat the radical socialists.  We’re going to win the great state of North Carolina by a landslide.”

Everywhere Trump goes, there follows the chant of “Four more years!”  We never want to see America fall to socialism, there is just a small piece that does feel a little bad for Sanders, but NOT REALLY!!! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!