Trouble in Paradise? George Conway Plows Into Wife Kellyanne on Twitter Over Trump

When politics split a family, the outcome is any person’s guess. George Conway, who is the husband of Kellyanne Conway, has made it a point to not openly attack his wife for her support of President Trump. Whether this is his way of keeping peace in the family is up for interpretation.

But recently he has started to tear into his wife for things that she is posting in favor of President Trump. This shows how politics is more important to a dumb Democrat than his own family and the unity that needs to be present for a husband and wife.

For over 30,000 tweets and posts, George Conway has kept quiet and not attacked his own President Trump-supporting wife. But that has all changed now that things are getting close to happening in 2020. The stupid media has been driving the issue hoping to get one of them to attack the other.

And it looks like they got George Conway to attack first. It has been driving the media nuts that they could not get the two to split hairs over politics. Kellyanne Conway was the first to put out a tweet about Joe Biden. The tweet told of how Joe Biden was a lifeguard and how hairy his legs were. They were so hairy that the tweet said people would come by and play with the hair on his legs.

It went on to say “WATCH: Sleepy Joe is Creepy Joe. We need Ukraine’s help to defeat THIS guy?” When it all comes down to Biden’s hairy legs it is a creepy thing to think that he let people play with his leg hair.

In an all-out battle with his wife, creepy George Conway tweeted back and said, “Your boss thought so.” This is a reference to the issue at hand that claims President Trump tried to get the Ukrainian leader to investigate Biden for crimes.

The two love birds have in public told of their support of different people in politics but have not gone after each other until now. George Conway has to be sleeping in the doghouse when he got home that evening. Kellyanne Conway had to have given him you’re in trouble look when he walked in the door.

In public, George has stated that he believes his wife is part of the Trump cult which seduces people to want to do the right thing. She has fired back and told George Conway that any power that he thinks that he has is because of her.

She has been with the Trump Administration since the beginning which means she is right about the source of power and influence and from where it came from. The husband and wife continue to fire back at each other. And the media is loving every moment of it.

The media is trying to drive a wedge between the two hoping to split them up. It would be their ultimate achievement for 2019. George Conway is no supporter of President Trump. He questions the president’s mental health and is in favor of impeaching Trump.

But that has not stopped the president from moving forward with fulfilling his promises to the nation. Everyone knows that the impeachment process is a sham. It will end up embarrassing the Democrats and everyone else that supports to fake move by the desperate Democrats.

The media has tried just about everything to pull these two people apart. They reference each other in publications and interviews all the time. They want to split them up. President Trump has praised Conway for her ability to do the job she has done with everything that is going on. He praised her and said that she is “married to a total whack job.” In jest, he has stated that she must have “done some bad things” to get her husband to act the way that he does.

These comments further show that George and Kellyanne Conway are a couple that just does not agree on politics. To them, it appears that it is just not worth playing the game that the media would have them to play.

George Conway needs to be careful and not live up to the impossible expectations that the Democrats and media would have him go through, or he could lose his entire family. The Democratic party is just not worth losing what matters most in a family’s life.