TRIGGERED: University Students Demand Disarming of Campus Cops

Sometimes the level of stupidity exceeds our perception of today’s society.  There is a saying, “You can’t fix stupid.”  That would be the ideal thought of this story out of the University of Minnesota.

Usually, when there is a “walkout” or protest of some sort, it comes in groups of people who feel the same way about a particular situation they want to see changed.  It can be understood how some people do not feel comfortable around guns.

With the compassion of individuals who may have a fear of guns or if something tragic happened to them involving a firearm, we who support guns can understand.  Guns are not for everyone.  But disarming the cops on the University’s premises is absurd.

A short article about the incident at Minnesota University was published in the Minnesota Daily newspaper, which read, “Textbooks in hand” members of the student group Students for a Democratic Society held a sit-in outside of the University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel’s office Friday morning.

The students are calling for the University to disarm the University Police Department and increase the diversity of the student population. The sit-in is part of a broader campaign by the student group this year to demand action by the University.

‘This is essentially a reminder that we expect these demands to be met,’ said Jackson Bianchi, an organizer for the event.

Instead of a traditional sit-in, students brought homework and call the event a ‘study-in.'”

What kind of snowflakes are these schools producing?  One would think a mass amount of people would have walked out as the students “expect these demands to be met.”

We would think the entire school would feel the same way, but the truth is, they do not.  The article continued, “Around eight students sat in the lobby outside Gabel’s office with signs printed with words like ‘Disarm UMPD.'”

Let us look at the perception of the reality in this situation, shall we?  The University of Minnesota has in attendance of over 50,000 students enrolled in the college.  This is not including the faculty and staff.

Just the students alone are more populated than a city.  How can a school campus with that many bodies have cops with no guns manage the safety of every individual unarmed?  Cities have cops that are armed and trained, and they have a hard time with crime when there are cities overpopulated.

It is impossible to manage the safety of every individual in the school without every officer carrying a gun.  It is plain as day to see it is impossible!  How stupid can some people’s children be?

Cities have multiple crimes that occur, and school campuses are no exceptions.  The same crimes which happen on the streets happen in universities.  Aggravated assaults, armed robberies, rapes, murders, and the list goes on.

Another saying is, “You can’t take a knife to a gunfight.”  The criminals are going to shoot to kill, and if a cop cannot protect the student body, then who will?  The criminal does not care what happens as long as they get what they want.  They will kill anyone and everyone who gets in their way.

School shootings are on the rise due to the violence and mental illness, along with hatred inside a person’s heart and mind.  The gun is not what shoots up the schools or kills other people.  People kill people.  It is that simple.

If the eight students would have their way at the University of Minnesota and someone walked into the school and started shooting everyone, no one, including the cops, could not stop them.  The police on the premises carry their guns not to harm other students.

They are there to protect the innocent.  God forbid if something like that were to happen at the school with the cops unarmed.  They have a fighting chance to put an end to the shooting by killing the shooter, ending the situation.

Another thing to mention is if there is no armed police on the premises and the bad guys find out, what is there to stop them?  If they know no one in the school is armed, then they will target the school and walk right in having their way with everyone inside.

These snowflakes do not see the whole picture or know the meaning of the Second Amendment.  It is people like this who are out to disarm America and are not the solution to the problem.  They are the problem.