TN Governor Discovers He Lacks the Spine To Do What’s Right; Asks for Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws

Jiri Hera /
Jiri Hera /

Tennessee Governor and Republican Bill Lee are not living up to being the firm conservative he promised the American people he was. Instead, he is beginning to abandon the Constitution at the first sign of struggle. He may have been elected in 2019, but he hasn’t faced this kind of challenge. Pro-life legislation, lowering crime, cutting taxes, and streamlining the government while keeping the liberal resources are issues almost every voter will support.

Now that Nashville has faced a mass shooter, they don’t want to look into the issue like a conservatively led state should. No real discussion of the mental health problems this person had, or accounting for the fact that they needed to be medicated and possibly locked away. Their prior stalking allegations and outspoken agenda to try and fit in made her someone who should have reasonably been committed.

Yet, they did nothing. Instead, her loved ones, friends, and coworkers have taken up arms (so to speak) against the guns she chose to use, and now the Governor is asking the Tennessee State Legislature to do the same thing for him.

Speaking with The Tennessean, Lee said “I’m asking the General Assembly to bring forward an order of protection law. A new, strong order of protection law will provide the broader population cover, safety, from those who are a danger to themselves or the population.”

However, as Breitbart has already pointed out back on April 2nd, the red flag laws would not have prevented the shooting. Nobody with the police department or even her family thought the 28-year-old would have lashed out at the Catholic school. Instead, her parents claimed to have persuaded her to sell the one they knew about, not buy more.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) chief John Drake has also previously said that they would have been more than happy to disarm this individual, however, “as it stands, [they] had absolutely no idea who…[she] was.”

That’s the whole point here, police aren’t able to do anything before they have just cause. No disarming someone on a whim., and that’s the way it is supposed to be according to the Constitution of the United States. If enacted these kinds of laws give a jilted lover or obsessive person, the ability to have you disarmed and make you a significant target for someone else to harm you.

For those wrongly accused or red-flagged, not only are they at risk of someone else attacking them, but they also now need to go through a thoroughly embarrassing, expensive, and deep dig into their lives. Just to prove they aren’t the “danger” someone claimed they could be. That’s not what our forefathers had in mind with the Second Amendment.

Instead, this document is there to ensure we don’t have to worry about the overreach of the government or other forces. They wanted the American people to defend themselves from all enemies, “both foreign and domestic” as the oath in the military is written. Moreover, these laws simply do not work. As a result, they only push the criminal and violent enemy underground and leave the law-abiding citizens defenseless.

In October 2014, Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed California’s gun violence restraining order legislation into law. Just 8 years later they became number one in the nation for gun control laws as well as “active shooter incidents.”

This kind of statistic is one every Californian loves to read about their state, but the liberals consistently retort that it’s because of people not handing over their weapons. This kind of logic plays out in every district they have tried to force more gun legislation on to the people of their city and state.

Seeing this in TN is the last thing any American ever expected. Before this news, when you thought of Tennessee, you thought of BBQ, football, country music, and protecting your rights the way our forefathers wanted. It was like a Diet Coke version of Texas; in the end, it was too good to believe.