Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water

The state of Texas has found themselves in the news again this time because of a baby that was found in a trash can at an Applebee’s restaurant. Some people gave birth to a baby and decided to discard the baby in the trash instead of seeking help or care for the baby.

The mother simply left the child in the trash with no regard for life. The concept of abortion has tainted the way that many people value life to the point that they are willing to simply dispose of a child like a piece of trash.

The murderous Democrats are the big-time favorite supporters for abortion. They are the supporters of places such as Planned Parenthood.

They are the supporters of doctors that have been arrested because they have canned babies in their homes. Not just a few babies but hundreds of corpses. These are little bodies that should have been buried and given a proper funeral but have instead been treated like laboratory animals for experimentation.

The Democrats would tell people that life does not begin until that baby is smiling in the arms of the parents. Up until that point, the baby can be murdered. Some hard-line Democrats and liberals believe that even a child that cannot demonstrate awareness should be killed should the parents decide they no longer want the baby.

They are murderers who are telling people that it is ok to leave a human baby in a trash can dead or alive. They are the ones that are telling people that a baby does not deserve a proper funeral because it is not a human being.

The body of the baby was found dead in the trash can near Irving, Texas. The woman that gave birth is thought to have left the scene of the restaurant 30 minutes before the bathrooms were cleaned. The horror of the person that found the child can only be speculated.

The police were called to the scene, but it was a way too late for the baby. This little soul was never given the chance to survive because of the selfish actions and beliefs of a person that thinks abortion is acceptable. Medical help should have been called once the birth was taking place. The baby might have survived. But the baby was simply abandoned by a careless parent.

Irving Police stated that “This kind of incident is very tragic. It strikes everybody in their family. Everybody’s heart goes out when you hear an infant is deceased. We do not like to see this happen. There are fire stations, there are ambulances that you can call, there’s the hospital that’s just two more exits down the freeway.”

There is no sane reason why medical professionals were not called. There is no reason why the mother could not have been taken to the hospital. At least the baby would have had a fighting chance of survival. The police are not sure if the baby was alive or not when he or she was born. But that did not matter to the mother. She put the baby in the trash and left it for waste.

The state of Texas is a haven state. This means a mother can leave any baby at a police station or fire station or medical center and nothing will be asked. The baby will simply be taken into protective care and loved by people that place value on all life. This baby deserves a proper burial. At least the baby is now in the hands of people that care. Sadly, it could not have been when the baby was still alive.

The dumb Democrats are a bunch of murderous thugs. They tell people that they have a choice over their bodies, and they can do whatever they want to them. Except they have no control over the baby’s body because it is not theirs. This is why the Democrats push for people to believe that the baby is not human until birth. That way they can ease their sinful conscience of the murder they have just committed.