Democrats Want Taxpayers to Foot the Bill for What?

The deceptive Democrats are trying to spend taxpayer dollars on stupid stuff again.

Over the past couple of days, one Democratic member of the dumbest Democrat-run House has mentioned that he would like to see the hardworking American taxpayer pay for congressional housing while each representative is serving in Congress.

Bernie Thompson is a Democrat from Mississippi, and he is all about the money and not about representing the people of America.

The bill that he introduced would keep members of Congress from sleeping in their offices and would change the tax laws to allow the member of Congress to deduct their spending for housing in D.C. for an amount of $3,000.

This bill is really stupid as it once again is shortsighted because it came from a greedy Democrat. The bill would only allow members of Congress to be able to deduct these expenses and not any person from the Senate.

To be fair the bill needs to include those that serve in the Senate. But everyone knows that the Democrats never do anything fair.

Thompson has had dumb ideas in the past. He proposed at one time to have a vacancy building turned into Congressional housing for those that serve. He wants to use taxpayer dollars to house his own needs.

Taxpayer money is not for his personal use. He can like every other American buy or rent a home while he is serving in Congress. The little thief needs to keep his hands out of the nation’s money bag.

He is one of the hundreds of people that earn $174,000 a year for serving in Congress. That salary alone is more than millions of families make in a year with dual income.

Congressman Thompson can just continue to sleep on his desk and put the money of taxpayers to better use. Send the money to the border so those poor people can at least have a bed to sleep in while they wait for their trial date.

Democrats like to live like the British Royals and throw their extravagant parties are the expense of the general population.

They think that just because the won a few votes that they are all now lords of the manner and all the money that comes in yearly for taxes is their expense accounts.

Terrible Thompson needs to rethink his greed and start working on what he was voted into the seat to do.

Many of the cosponsors of the bill are ridiculously greedy as well. One, in particular, is Elijah Cummings who had been in the news on power trips trying to send every person in America a subpoena, so he can ask them what they ate for breakfast that morning.

The vast majority of Congress does not want what he is proposing. Putting all the wacky liberals in Congress into one building would just be a breeding ground for disaster.

There would be so much illegal activity and cheating on people going on that no one could ever trust them again.

If Thompson wants taxpayer-funded dorms, then he needs to go back to college and live in student housing and pay for it with student loans. This way he will at least have to pay back with interest what he is stealing from the American taxpayer.

People that serve in government are not there to live like they are on vacation. They are there to do a job and then go home. They are not there to party or socialize or anything else but make laws.

They are to make laws that are needed to run this country and keep it at the top of the world. They are there to make laws that protect Americans from evil and to support the president in all that he does.

They are not there for their greed and interests. This is something that Thompson needs a reminder of. The very idea of taxpayers funding housing for public servants is theft in the highest degree.

Any person that supports this idea needs to kick out of Congress and sent home without pay for a year.