Things Will Have to Change for Fox News

NYC Russ /
NYC Russ /

Over the years, you may have noticed some pretty major changes to mainstream media and the coverage they supply. Gone are the days when the actual news was reported and material that mattered was covered. Instead, most of it is all one political talking point after another.

Thankfully, a few networks have remained loyal to actual journalism for the most part. But as Fox News’s Harris Faulkner just admitted, Fox News will no longer be in that category.

On Wednesday, Faulkner brought up a rather controversial subject of late, and that is how far too many companies are abandoning traditional values for liberal “woke” ones. But according to the news host, most don’t really have a choice in the matter, including her own employer.

You might have heard, among other things, that Fox, like a great many media outlets and just businesses in general, has begun adopting diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.

For instance, Chick-fil-A, a Christian-based food chain, was just outed for having DEI rules and guidelines catering to LGBTQ+ individuals, minorities, and women.

But as far as Faulkner is concerned, the company didn’t really have a choice in adopting those policies, as “Many states are mandating it now.”

It is then that she brought up Fox News as another example.

“I mean, here at Fox – other corporations – there will be things they’re gonna have to change because the state of New York requires it.”

The problem, of course, is that Fox, just like every other company, does, in fact, have a choice. Sure, it might not be an easy one. And some sacrifices might have to be made; it’s still most definitely a choice.

Fox, for instance, doesn’t have to remain in New York, does it? Hell, even the liberal-based CNN has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia now, as opposed to the progressive stronghold of New York.

But according to Faulkner, the company seems more devoted to staying in NYC, with all its problems, than remaining loyal to its fans and viewers.

And that right there is the problem.