The President Changes Asylum Process

President Trump is living up to his campaign promises once again as he has made it nearly impossible for fake asylum seekers to enter the United States.

Following recent events with Mexico and their agreement to host asylum seekers, President Trump has made it, so they must make their request in other countries first. This will keep them from just running to the United States in an attempt to disappear over the border. If they do not make their request to another country first, they will be denied in the United States.

Most asylum seekers are not fleeing for their lives. This means that they are fake asylum seekers. They are just looking to exploit America. The wacky ACLU is expected to challenge the decision to keep asylum seekers out of the country.

It is time for the ACLU to start focusing on true citizens of America and fight for their rights and freedoms. The ACLU is another wacky organization that has its focus and mission all backward. They fight against the United States instead of fighting for it. They are an organization that needs to be destroyed.

The rule change proposed by President Trump is nothing new. It is the international rule that asylum seekers are to request asylum from the first country they pass through.

For people to cry about the rule now is nothing more than their attempt to pressure President Trump out of the country. The ACLU, the AOC, and Antifa are all terrorist organizations bent on destroying the United States from the inside out.

Many people within the United States seeking asylum will end up missing their court cases to determine their future by choice. They do not want to face the possibility of being sent home, so they simply do not appear in court.

When they claimed asylum at the border they were given a court date to appear. But many do not because they know that they lied to authorities to avoid deportation. This makes it necessary for ICE to exist, so they can be found and deported back to their true homes.

The fraudulent federal courts are expected to challenge the rule changes. The matter will end up before the Supreme Court in the future and the world will find out that President Trump did not make the rule he just enforced what was already the norm for the rest of the world regarding asylum seekers.

Other countries like Mexico are going to have work with the United States to find a home for all the asylum seekers. It might come down to solving the country of origin problems.

Many around the world are fighting the international standard because they are afraid of the asylum seekers. President Trump is not against asylum seekers coming to the United States. He just wants to make sure that they are entering the country legally and not illegally.

There are so many people that are seeking a better life in the world that one country cannot handle them all. There needs to be international cooperation. President Trump is proposing a solution that would help the world find a place for asylum seekers.

Most people want to help others, but they just do not know-how. So they run into opposition like the Democrats that seek to exploit the asylum seekers in an attempt to gain power in the United States.

The Dorky Democrats want the world to believe that they care, but the truth is that they do not care about anyone that does not believe the way they do or hold to the same values.

Many progressives and loony liberals have already threatened innocent people and children with death if they do not stop making fun of them. These are not the people that should be in charge of helping asylum seekers.

President Trump and the Republicans are the ones that should be left to make the rules and the laws to help the world’s asylum seekers.

They truly care about others and want only the best for them