The People of Michigan Revolt Against Draconian Shelter in Place Decrees

Gov Gretchen Whitmer, D-Michigan would not be known outside her state had it not been for the coronavirus pandemic. Usually, great crises call people to greatness.

World War II made Winston Churchill. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher rise up because of the Cold War. The pandemic will doubtless make President Donald Trump into a world-historic figure, no matter what some in the media think.

Whitmer is a different sort of politician. She is becoming known as a petty tyrant who has managed to make a bad situation much worse than it should be. While people living in diverse states such as New York and Texas have accepted the stay at home orders with degrees of grumbling acceptance, Whitmer’s order was so draconian that it has inspired the good people of Michigan to open revolt.

NBC News explained.

“Whitmer’s executive action extended her prior stay-at-home order through the end of April and toughened it up. For at least until then, Michiganders won’t be allowed to travel to in-state vacation residences. They are not permitted to use a motorboat. Business restrictions have been tightened, including that large stores must close areas dedicated to carpeting, flooring, furniture, garden centers, plant nurseries, or paint, among other measures. Violators could be fined or charged with a misdemeanor, though the practicality of strict enforcement was unclear.”

What was also unclear, at least to people in Michigan, was the reason for some of these restrictions? One cannot buy garden tools and seeds? One cannot go to a vacation home on the lake and go out alone on the water in a boat?

The edict seemed to many to be less about mitigating the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and more about slaking Gov. Whitmer’s thirst for petty tyranny.

Opponents of Whitmer’s edicts have started a petition to recall her and have used social media to express their discontent. However, they went further, according to ABC News, and staged a public protest unique to the age of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The protest kicked off at noon in downtown Lansing with what appeared to be a huge number of participants in vehicles honking horns, waving American flags and circling the capitol building. Dubbed Operation Gridlock, and organized by groups including the Michigan Conservative Coalition, the demonstration jammed the streets around the capitol building. Many of the protesters, including some wearing red Make America Great Again hats and T-shirts supporting President Donald Trump, also displayed signs reading Impeach Whitmer and My Freedom is Essential.”

Organizers of the protest claimed that the uprising numbered upward to ten thousand and involved thousands of vehicles clogging the streets of Lansing, the state capital of Michigan.

Police stated that the protest was peaceful, though there were some instances of civil disobedience of people getting out of their cars, contrary to the request of protest organizers, wearing protective gear but not adhering to social distancing.

Chants of “lock her up!” were heard at one point, reminiscent of chants heard at Trump rallies about Hillary Clinton.

Gov. Whitmer was not pleased by the effrontery of her constituents. Indeed, she responded like a disapproving schoolmarm.

She said, “I saw someone handing out candy to little kids barehanded. We know that this rally endangered people. This kind of activity will put more people at risk, and, sadly, it could prolong the amount of time we have to live in this posture.”

The condescending attitude is not likely to assuage the protestors, who had expressed the hope that Gov. Whitmer would listen to the voice of the people and move to soften her draconian edict. She has previously earned some infamy for banning the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus.

While studies are ongoing into the efficacy and safety of the two anti-malaria drugs, plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that it can help alleviate symptoms in some cases. The public outcry was so great that Whitmer was forced to reverse course.

Whitmer has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential running mate for Joe Biden, something that considering her drop in popularity many Trump supporters ardently hope for.

Hot Air suggests that efforts to recall Whitmer or get her to rescind her order are likely to be met with defeat. She is also not up for reelection until 2022. However, the presidential election would certainly provide the people of Michigan with the opportunity to express their discontent by delivering the state for President Trump.