The Dems Have Egg on Their Faces…the Ketchup Is About To Fly…Trump’s Furious

Evan El-Amin/

Democrats are being held to account for storm trooping into Mar-a-Largo like a D-Day invasion. Swarms of special agents combed through every speck of dust in Donald Trumps Miami residence, and Republicans are demanding answers they have yet to receive. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland, who authorized the raid, is facing stern retaliation from the GOP should it win the House in November. He’s already been threatened with extreme oversight should they be allowed to squeeze his neck.

Garland’s refusal to provide answers has stirred the pot of conspiracy theories, the most damning being that the agents planted evidence to be used against the former President, which isn’t all that far-fetched. 

Conservative media outlets are melting down in their search for explanations while Republican lawmakers are gearing up for a fierce battle as the two political parties sharpen up their swords. 

Top pro-Trump lawmakers who poked fun at the liberals’ insane notion of defunding the police are answering back by demanding that the FBI be defunded instead. In their eyes, the bureau is involved in a secret plot to discredit Trump prior to the 2024 election cycle, once again, not far-fetched.

The “raid,” or “siege,” as Republicans are referring to the incident, may have been legally sanctioned behind their backs, but it was unethical and purely politically motivated. It was done in an attempt to rid the world of the liberal Democrat’s number one nemesis, Donald J. Trump, by hook or by crook. 

Thus far, the FBI raid has backfired soot and grime in the Dems faces. Trump’s solid base of supporters has rallied around him and his allies who are accusing the Democrats of political persecution, especially in light of the bureau obviously having nothing to show for all its effort.

The proof is in the pudding that has yet to gel. Supporters know that had anything incriminating been found, it would have already been waved in America’s face to alter the outcome of the midterm elections that are at hand.  

The DOJ and the FBI were under constant scrutiny by the Trump administration. The former president was well aware of their behind-the-scenes hanky-panky and was quick to call them out. As a result, they’re paying him back by making his life a living hell, and that’s all any of this silly invasion of privacy boils down to.

Plain and simple, it’s harassment. It’s not unlike when Robert Mueller wasted time and taxpayers’ money trying to prove how the Russians were behind Trump’s winning of the 2020 presidential elections, and miserably failed.

Mueller may have come up empty-handed, but he achieved his goal of kicking the hornet’s nest by placing negative thoughts and assumptions in the minds of voters. That too fortunately backfired. 

By law, for national security reasons, neither the FBI nor the DOJ can fight back against the accusations being lobbed at them by the Republican Party.

This leaves the only feasible method of quenching the growing fire’s thirst in Garland’s stained hands. Merrick Garland needs to make a public statement detailing the findings of the FBI, but he’s in a quandary since his FBI henchmen didn’t find anything to talk about.