Thanks, Joe Biden: The Taliban Are Now Funding Their Government with Human Trafficking in Europe

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A declassified report from the Hungarian intelligence services shows that the Taliban are now in full control of all the human trafficking gangs in Serbia on Hungary’s southern border. Thanks, Joe Biden!

It looks like that disastrous 2021 surrender to the Taliban, in which Biden left approximately $80 billion in sophisticated weapons and military equipment behind for the Taliban to take control over, has really paid dividends—at least for the Taliban.

The once-classified report was leaked to the Hungarian daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet. Once it was published, Hungary declassified it, since there was no point in keeping it secret any longer.

According to the report, the now-heavily-armed Taliban have taken “direct control” of all the human trafficking gangs in northern Serbia, in a region called Vojvodina. Contrary to liberals who were oddly disturbed by the film “Sound of Freedom” last summer, human trafficking is a huge business in that part of Europe. The Hungarian report notes that there are daily shootouts between trafficking gangs in the region.

Many of the trafficking gangs were already led by Afghani nationals who have made their way to Serbia, which is the hub of much of the human trafficking in Eastern Europe. That made it easy for the Taliban’s Haqqani network—on of the most violent and militant strains of the Taliban’s orthodox Islam—to consolidate control of all the gangs under one umbrella. It also probably helped that the Taliban are now the third or fourth most heavily armed military on the entire planet, thanks to Joe Biden.

The report states that the Taliban is now able to “use the enormous income coming from human trafficking as its own revenue, even to finance terrorism.”

In recent clashes, the report notes that the Taliban gangs have been shooting at both Serbian and Hungarian border guards. Locals living in the border region are now terrified, because the situation has gotten so volatile, and the daily gunfights are spraying bullets in every direction.

While America’s intelligence services are all focused on rounding up peaceful Trump supporters who protested on January 6th, Hungary’s intelligence services have learned that the Taliban are first crossing the border from Afghanistan into Tajikistan in Asia. They’re then able to obtain Tajik passports so they can fly on commercial airlines to Serbia.

In response to the Hungarian report, one Serbian leader noted that northern Serbia has now become a de facto ‘state.’ There’s no law and order, and the Islamic bandits have turned the entire region into a warzone. So… the Taliban are now basically like the Mexican drug cartels on our southern border.

The Taliban are charging approximately €1000 for every slave they traffic into the EU from Serbia, and they make approximately 1,200 border crossings each night from Serbia into Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Romania. €1000 is approximately $1,070 US dollars, which means the Taliban are raking in more than $1.2 million every evening through the slave trade, which has been enabled by the Biden regime. That money is now directly being used to finance the national government in Afghanistan, which no longer has any perceivable economy.

Is anyone else noticing a pattern here when it comes to the neocons’ and the Democrats’ foreign policy? Hillary Clinton’s debacle in Libya led to open slave markets being reopened there for the first time in more than 150 years. Joe Biden armed the Taliban, and they’re not controlling a massive human trafficking operation 2,400 miles away from their home country. (Not bad for a bandit gang that was living in caves until about 11 seconds ago.)

It’s going to take decades for historians to unravel the parade of horrors that Joe Biden has unleashed on the world in the last three years. Fortunately, he’s only got one more year in office to continue to muck the entire planet up.