Texas Democrats Want to Get Paid for Running Away but They Find out It Is Not As Easy as They Thought It Would Be

The demonic Democrats that fled the great state of Texas fully expected people to cater to them for their so-called patriotism. They ran away from voting on a bill that would have secured the state from any lousy Democrat cheating in future elections. 58 liberals fled the state to keep Governor Greg Abbott from being able to hold a legislative vote.

Like every ignorant Democrat, these 58 cowards failed to understand the consequences of their choices. They all thought that they would receive care packages and paychecks while they are away. But what they found was a path that many of them could not afford to walk very long by themselves.

They failed to understand that they would be away from their families and would not receive the pay they thought they were going to get for being criminals.

Their sole purpose of running like frightened children was to create a mess in the state legislature. Upon their arrival, they went ahead and supported the “For the People Act,” which takes power away from the states to create their election processes and laws.

Their traitorous actions may have received praise from the media. But the rest of the country is appalled by their actions. Full-grown adults are acting like spoiled brats and refusing to work. In response to their nasty behavior, Greg Abbott vetoed the spending bill which the state would need to pay employees and staff. And like all greedy Democrats, they went to the Texas Supreme Court and demanded that they rule in their favor so they could get paid.

Democrats are little kids that expect everything to go their way. But what they would get was far from what they expected.

The court stated in their report that “While in the District of Columbia, Democratic House members have met with members of the Biden administration and Congress to urge passage of federal legislation on voting and have held public meetings to draw attention to their cause. They have publicly stated that the importance of defeating the Republican-supported elections bill justified their departure from Texas and breaking quorum even though it also prevented the Texas House from restoring Article X funding.”

The Democrats have brought upon themselves terrible consequences that they are not willing to bear. The court ruled that “These public statements and events make it clear that the subject of the petition for writ of mandamus — the lack of Article X funding for the Legislature — continues to exist not because of a dispute between the Governor and the Legislature, nor even because of one between the Governor and a minority of House members. Rather, the principal dispute is among the members of the Legislature. Relators do not argue that the Legislature would have failed to pass Article X funding had they been present in the House to provide a quorum to do business. They argue only that Governor Abbott might veto the funding again if they did. This argument is entirely speculative.”

They argued that Abbott is going to veto a spending bill regardless of their presence or not. And yet, the court ruled that everyone else is ready to pass the spending bill, but the liberals need to present to see that it happens.

Without the spending bill, no one gets paid. And the funny part is that the governor and the Republicans are in complete agreement with the veto. They are content to sit and wait for the Democrats to stop throwing their fits and return home.

The Democrats of this generation cannot stand to lose. They need to win for themselves to feel good. Their families are suffering, and they need their paychecks to pay their bills. But when reality sets in, a few came to their senses and realized that what they did was not the best idea.

Democrats love money, and Abbott knows that he needs to keep their money to get them back. They thought they would get what they wanted, and all they got was punched in the proverbial face for their sadistic efforts.