Ted Cruz Likens Liberal Media To Rats Fleeing A Sinking Ship

Much of the liberal media have staked their entire career on the notion that the House Dems are correct and that they can, in fact, impeach the president. As fast as the House moved to impeach, the trial is collapsing just as fast, realizing that the only thing that they have is hearsay instead of credible facts that can be used in a court of law.

In a recent interview, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) identified that the liberal media has begun to panic, making the reference that they are “like rats” that are fleeing a sinking ship. He goes on to explain that they have invested a significant amount of their credibility and time leading the pack toward impeachment.

However, their reputation is about to take a dramatic hit. Crews identified that the inspector general report regarding the FBI investigation of the 2016 Trump campaign shows that there were FBI officials in top positions labeled as “hard-core political partisans” that demonstrated a hatred toward Donald Trump. As such, they abused legal power as a way to “spy” on their political opponents.

Host Sean Hannity from Fox News asks a few important questions to Ted Cruz.

Hannity refers to the dirty dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton. Now, he wants to know what the senator’s reaction is regarding the comments from both Atty. Gen. Barr and attorney Durham.

Cruz said that it is “chilling and encouraging.” He said that it was chilling to read the Inspector General report and all that it contained. He also said that it was stunning based on the power abuse happening throughout the Obama administration and how the deep state continued for several years of the Trump administration.

For all the people who wanted to tell Trump that he was being ridiculous about the deep state and how he felt that there were nefarious acts against him, the Inspector General report helps to confirm a significant amount. Those who have actually read it are learning that Trump truly was being targeted simply because they didn’t like him. Too many Democrats assumed that Hillary Clinton would be president – and as soon as Trump became a true political threat, they targeted him – and haven’t stopped, which is evident within the impeachment hearing.

Cruz reminded in his interview that the abuse of power has already been seen at the FBI as well as throughout the Department of Justice. Cruz said the good men and women who are serving at the Department of Justice and within the FBI should be angry when they read the report to find out how much abuse of power was truly taking place.

Meanwhile, former FBI Director James Comey has been running his mouth to the media to say that the IG report has vindicated him. He clearly did not read the same report that the Texas senator has read because it most certainly does not vindicate him.

If anything, it demonstrates just how much he abused his power as the FBI director. Or, as Cruz explains, that the DOJ and FBI were “manifestly incompetent.” The IG report clearly outlines over a dozen factual misstatements made to the FISA court when ordering the surveillance and to be able to spy on a presidential nominee as well as a sitting president.

Cruz said that he was being generous with his interpretation of the report. He goes on to explain that the real interpretation is that there were political partisans in play that heated Trump and were willing to abuse intelligence and law enforcement as a way to spy on their political opponent.

This is when Hannity chose to interject, talking about the denial of civil liberties and constitutional rights.

Cruz explained that this is where everything becomes more encouraging. The IG report makes it possible to hold the wrongdoer accountable. He also says that he’s encouraged because the Democratic trial that the House is leading is collapsing.

The media is in full panic mode right now because the “proof” that House Dems claimed that they have is missing. Everything has been a he said/she said mess and the media is starting to pick up on it.

Cruz ended the interview with the final reminder that the House will have a partisan vote to impeach next week, most likely. From there, it will go to the Senate, which is where he said it is “not going anywhere.” This means that the House will not be able to get what they wanted, and, ultimately, they played into Trump’s hand as he proves that he was right all along.