Taxpayers Should Compensate Separated Migrant Families According To Buttigieg

Bleeding heart liberals are trying to destroy the company with their notions of opening borders and helping anyone and everyone who has had a tough go of life – including those who have illegally entered the country. Immigration laws don’t seem to apply to the way that Democrats think anymore – and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is no different.

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana has recently posed a new idea that Dems are loving – a way to compensate migrant families who have been separated. Of course, the only way to do that would be to increase taxes.

Taxpayers, the legitimately legal taxpayers, would be responsible for funding this idea so that those who entered the country illegally and, as a result, were separated from their family, can live a better life.

Buttigieg made his announcement when speaking at a town hall in Charles City, Iowa. He talked about what it would feel like if you were taken away from your parents and didn’t know where they were.

He feels that the United States owes something to all of the kids who are in that situation. He wants to “swiftly” reunite them. Then, he feels that “we probably owe them a little more” which is when he gets into compensation.

The presidential candidate did not go into detail as to what the compensation would entail. He did, however, go into the “zero tolerance” policy that Trump and his administration have at the US-Mexico border.

With an immigration crisis taking place, the Atty. Gen. at the time, Jeff sessions, signed a measure that would direct attorneys at the southern border to increase the prosecution of illegal border crossings dramatically.

After the zero tolerance was implemented, criminal charges have increased significantly with migrant parents facing prosecution. As a result of this, migrant families have been separated. This includes transferring parents into custody while transferring children to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Following the backlash, Trump then signed an executive order in June 2018 that keeps migrant families detained together.

Buttigieg is one of many to call the US government out on this practice while also suggesting compensation. However, Buttigieg doesn’t go into an explanation as to why taxpayers should have to pay for any of this.

People crossing the border illegally knew what the repercussions were going to be. They knew that it was illegal to enter the United States illegally without the proper visa or green card. However, they chose to do it anyway.

Separating the families is what happens when one person breaks the law. It happens every day throughout the United States when a resident breaks the law and they go to jail. Then, their family is left without a parent. How is it different with migrant families?

The reality is that someone is breaking the law and the kids are separated from their parents. Are families being compensated when a legal US resident is separated from their families after breaking the law? No. Why should migrant families be any different?

Buttigieg doesn’t have an answer for this yet. However, during the town hall that took place on Sunday, the Indiana mayor also talked about the idea of “community renewal visas.”

This would actually promote migration into communities that have a lagging or declining population. However, at least with this idea, there is the possibility of a visa – which means that people actually have to obtain a visa in order to live in these communities.

When the Daily Collar News Foundation called the Buttigieg campaign to find out more about what these community renewal visas would entail or what kind of compensation he wanted to give migrant families, there was no response.

Buttigieg has proven that he is just like all of the other Democratic candidates – he wants the country to pay for the mistakes of individuals who don’t understand immigration law. Illegal aliens are illegal because they have chosen to break the law. Regardless of what their situations were like in their home country, they knew that there was a proper way to enter the United States.

Instead, they chose to enter illegally and now, they are having to deal with the repercussions – including being separated from their families. It’s what happens when people break the law – they have to be separated. Until they are willing to compensate every family in the United States where someone has been sent to jail for breaking the law, migrant families shouldn’t be treated any differently.

Pete Buttigieg can’t possibly think that another way for taxpayers to help illegal immigrants is going to give him a boost in the polls.