Supreme Court Hands Trump a Major Victory on the Border

President Trump continues to chalk up wins against the floundering Democrats and negative opposition. For years the Democrats and anti-American groups such as the ACLU have fought hard to keep the border from being secured.

Their push for open borders and free entry into the country only fuels the rush for illegals to pour over the border. But President Trump has been fighting back. His critics have tried to stop his advances in the courts and all of their attempts have failed miserably.

The Supreme Court has taken it upon themselves to step in and stop the advances of the wicked Democrats. Their agenda is so anti-American that it has become a real danger to the freedoms guaranteed by the constitution of the United States.

The Supreme Court gave President Trump a win regarding his immigration changes. He has been trying to make the border safe for everyone by simply making it impossible for liars and criminals to come into the country.

The Supreme Court blocked an injunction by a federal judge that would have successfully placed limits on the program that makes people seeking asylum to stay in Mexico. Illegals have to wait on the outside of the country until their date in court.

If they want into the country, then they will have to wait for their turn. For some people, it could take a lot of time to sort out the drama that has brought with them.

The official name of the program is “Remain in Mexico.” It is also called the Migrant Protection Protocols. The court stated that the program can run full force while the legal challenge continues to rage on in the courts.

The Remain in Mexico program as drastically reduced the number of people trying to enter the country on the grounds of the asylum. It just goes to show that many of the people seeking asylum were lying through their teeth about the reason they wanted into America.

The lazy liberals have lost another battle against the president. They just cannot seem to block the work that he is doing for America. The Supreme Court has had its work cut out for them as the liberals have rallied to fight President Trump any way they can.

They want to drag him through the dirt and leave him for dead. Hoping that one of their own will take over the office in a few short months. So far, everything has played into the president’s hands.

The White House is throwing an anti-Democrat party over this victory. One spokesperson stated that “We are gratified that the Supreme Court granted a stay, which prevents a district court injunction from impairing the security of our borders and the integrity of our immigration system.”

The Supreme Court has kept the lower courts from dictating politics in this matter. The liberal judges like to play god and shove their power in the faces of the majority. But this time it was shoved back into their faces.

The same person also stated what has been the norm when they said, “The Migrant Protection Protocols, implemented according to express authority granted by Congress decades ago, have been critical to restoring the government’s ability to manage the Southwest border and to work cooperatively with the Mexican government to address illegal immigration.” The liberals just want to change all the rules to meet their horrible agenda.

The president’s program is the most effective way of controlling immigration. The illegals have to wait outside the country until their court date. This keeps them from disappearing into the population.

Many of the people would never show up for the court date. They would have to be tracked down by ICE and removed from the country. But President Trump has shut down the revolving door at the border.

There are still some things that have to be worked out in the courts before the program is in the clear. The Supreme Court has made it loud and clear that the program can operate like normal until that time comes.

President Trump has another victory under his tall hat of wins. He continues to knock the Democrats out with each battle.