Supreme Court Deals a Death Blow to Democrats

It is time for the devious Democrats to realize that they are a loser party. The Democrats always raise a fuss when it comes time to draw up new maps of congressional districts because the population has changed so much.

They have accused the Republicans of drawing new maps that would favor them in the upcoming election. Like the good old Democrat’s do they challenged the new district maps in court, only to have it end up in the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court threw out the challenge. Which ended up being a death blow to the dumb Democrats as they cried about the new maps. They complained that the Republicans deliberately made up maps to diminish the Democrat’s political power in certain areas.

The court’s decision will mean that the districts will no longer have to redraw in Ohio. The panel that originally succumbed to the dumb Democrats decided that the maps could no longer be changed.

But the Supreme Court changed that ruling. There are two other cases in Maryland and North Carolina where the Democrats are trying to keep things from changing because they hold the power in those districts. The Court ruled that federal judges have no authority when it comes to the electoral maps.

In other words, the dumb Democrats could no longer tie the matter up in court with hopes that a liberal judge would rule in their favor. The Democrats are always quick to accuse the Republicans of foul play. But when they are the ones changing the maps they find nothing wrong with it.

The Republican party has always done what is fair for the nation. As the population moves around it becomes necessary to draw maps that reflect the new distribution of people. The only ones that ever have a problem with this are none other than the dumb Democrats.

It is like a game to them. They want to see how many Republicans they can get tied up in court over silly issues that have nothing to do with politics or making the nation a better place.

Needless to say, the crooked election reformers seeking to provide Democratic power into new maps were not thrilled at the ruling. They lost their last chance to establish the Democratic party as a stronghold in Ohio.

The Democrats had to admit that they lost this fight. There is nothing better than listening to a Democrat admit that they have lost. It is like watching them eat a piece of humble pie.

The Democrats are always challenging things. In Michigan, the Democrats challenged in court nine new Republican-drawn maps. Once again the courts were being used by the babies to put a stop to the new maps.

However, the Supreme Court has stopped this case as well. The Democrats just want the legal right to use the courts to challenge everything the Republicans do. They simply do not trust anyone if they do not have a say in what is taking place.

In North Carolina the Democrats got a court to strike down the new Republican-drawn maps. The Democrats are a sick party that will stop at nothing to keep the nation from moving forward.

They simply want power, and they will do anything to get it. Even if that means killing or assassinating the opposition as in some mysterious people surrounding Hillary Clinton.

The maps are to be redone every 10 years usually in connection with a completed census. The political party in power usually has the task of drawing up the new maps.

The problem for the Democrats is that they do not control the vast rural parts of the country. The best way for the cheaters called Democrats is to challenge new maps to eventually take over those districts.

The Democrats fight dirty. They will do anything they can legally or illegally to maintain their position of power. They challenge everything that comes around if they do not agree with it or it is designed to make America great again.