Steve King Proves AOC Wrong With Video Of Water Fountain In Detention Cell

AOC loves to spread lies in order to push her own agenda further. Her latest is that the illegal immigrants in the border detention facilities are drinking water out of the toilet. Steve King (R-Iowa) has decided to prove her wrong with a visit to the detention facilities.

Recently, King released a video where he drank from a water fountain which was attached to the toilet apparatus. He told his constituents that he was drinking out of a toilet, joking because it is what AOC has been complaining about.

However, he went on to clarify what the situation was. The water fountain is attached to the plumbing – he wasn’t actually drinking out of the toilet bowl.

The toilets are stainless steel and there are two separate waterlines – one that goes to the toilet and one that goes to the water fountain. He took a drink and said that it was pretty good.

This is when King also said that AOC wasn’t being objectively honest when she was trying to spin her fake news about the border. He called it “clickbait for snowflakes” when he tweeted the video.

AOC has been going on for months about the deplorable conditions found at the detention facilities. One of the main things she has talked about is that migrants are forced to drink from the toilets – and King has proven, with video, that this is absolutely not true.

He talked about the full toilet structure and questioned whether he thought the initial claim was as a result of a language barrier.

Without the video, many people would likely believe AOC because she is a representative. She would never lie to the American public, right?

However, she constantly spreads misinformation without doing her homework. Whether she suffered from the language barrier or she wanted to spread the lies in order to focus on immigration is unclear.

However, after looking at King’s video, it makes it very clear that no one is being forced into drinking toilet water. Tom Homan, the former Immigration and Customs Enforcement director, explained that the toilet and the water fountain are part of the same apparatus.

With two separate waterlines, no one is drinking from the toilet. The design is intended to save space and ensure that there is more comfort for those who are within the facilities – a completely opposite picture than what AOC would like people to believe.

There have been a lot of questions regarding what the migrant center living conditions are. Democrats would have everyone believing that the “poor illegal immigrants” are dealing with unthinkable living conditions, ranging from not being able to shower for days to having to drink out of toilets.

The problem is that no one has actually gone into the facilities with the camera in order to show the American public actual footage of what’s going on.

This means that Americans are forced to believe words alone. However, videos are able to tell a better story. This is why King chose to do what he did – and with evidence that AOC was lying, it makes it harder for Democrats to believe anything that she has to say.

AOC’s response to the tweets from King is eye-roll inducing. She tweeted that GOP House members were so anti-immigrant that they were risking pink eye to show off the border facility.

If it were up to her, she would close the camps entirely, which would send tens of thousands of immigrants into the United States without proper documentation and without official asylum records.

AOC claims that there is written testimony to say that people are drinking from toilets – and she maintains this, even after proof that shows otherwise. Even after ICE detention agents refuted her allegations, she still holds strong.

She feels as though they are risking pink eye because the toilets are so close to the water fountains. However, this is common – not just in immigration detention centers but in jails and prisons, too. However, she’s not upset about those conditions – only those that would put illegal immigrants in some kind of danger.

Clearly, AOC hasn’t bothered to talk with a health professional or a plumber to understand how the apparatus works. There’s a toilet lid that helps to keep a barrier between the water fountain and the toilet.

The only thing that they share in common are a few pipes. With separate waterlines, no one is in jeopardy of pink eye – and fresh water is being provided – no one is drinking out of toilets. However, that goes against what AOC wants Americans to believe.