“Squad” Co-Sponsors Another Bill Against Israel

It is a well-known fact at this point that both Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are not fans of Israel and, in fact, are seeking its destruction.

However, they seem to be gaining some semblance of support on the issue within the House, as is proved by a bill recently proposed.

The bill, known as the Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act, was re-introduced into the house by Representative Betty McCollum and co-sponsored by all four members of “the squad.”

McCollum, in the past, has been known to be a supporter of Israel, even if she criticizes its government. However, it seems that her proximity to Omar is rubbing off, as the two’s Minnesota districts neighbor each other.

The bill McCollum proposes claims that non-Jewish children within the state of Israel are being treated cruelly and inhumanely.

In particular, it points to the tragedies that Palestinian children face, including physical violence, torture, and the deprivation of both families, and legal services, as well as other things.

In response to this alleged mistreatment of children, the bill calls for “U.S. assistance to Israel from being used to support the military detention, interrogation, or ill-treatment of Palestinian children in violation of international humanitarian law.”

However, the source of most of the bill’s claims is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is known for their activism of the BDS campaign. Furthermore, the group, known as Defense for Children International-Palestine or DCI-P, has had a significant number of ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine or PFLP, which, according to the European Union, Canada, the United States, and Israel, is a terrorist group.

The first known terror attack by the PFLP was in 1968 when 28 people were killed in the Lod Airport massacre. However, the most infamous of their works is most likely the hijacking of an Air France plane in 1976.

Then in 1980, a kibbutz was attacked in which a nursery was held hostage and a two-year-old child killed. And their terror has only grown since then, comprising of numerous shootings, stabbings, suicide bombings, and even ax attacks.

And the DCI-P has been there to assist in those movements every step of the way. In 1985, a member of the DCI-P board from 2007-2014 was convicted of recruiting and organizing training of PFLP members.

In 1968, Mahmoud Jiddah was arrested for launching grenade attacks against Israeli civilians. He was imprisoned for 17 years, after which time he became a prominent member of DCI-P’s board. And then, Mary Rock was elected to the DCI-P board, before that she was PFLP candidate for Palestinian Legislative Council in 2006.

The list of ties between the two organizations could be continued for some time, and are the reason that Arab Bank PLC and Citibank, among others, no longer are willing to work with the DCI-P.

However, even if these ties did not exist, many of the bill’s specific claims are false. For instance, the group claims that physical violence has been inflicted on numerous children. However, when researched, very few of these claims can actually be found.

And of those that were submitted, even fewer could be justified. It seems that many were coerced by DCI-P staffers or came from those who were “interviewed” by them. In addition, the bill states some of these claims as findings of the US State Department, which does not know of them.

In light of these alleged claims, the bills ask that the US pay “nongovernmental organizations from the United States, Israel, or the Occupied Palestinian Territory” $19 million every year to “monitor” the situation.

Wait, you mean NGOs like DCI-P and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (the group responsible for the BDS movement here)? Are we sure that these groups didn’t write the bill themselves? After all, it is filled with their information and asks for funding to these groups.

It is also convenient that the bill forgot to mention the use of children to carry out terrorist attacks such as stabbings, suicide bombings, and border riots for Palestinian terror groups.

This stands in stark contrast to the fact that the DCI-P director has admitted on television that Palestinian children have committed terror attacks simply to improve their social status as if it is some right of passage.

Thank God the bill has been referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs because it “seeks to single out Israel.”