Sources Say John Bolton is the Whistleblower

There is no evidence against the President of the United States. The call transcripts of the Trump/Ukraine conversation have been released and it said enough. Which was nothing. So that side of the story is over but there are now these lingering questions and some of those have some even larger implications.

While, as one story suggested, it doesn’t appear that John Bolton was a source for this mysterious “whistleblower” (more on that directly), that isn’t clear-cut. And let’s be honest, there is no love lost between Bolton and President Trump. The aforementioned story even described Bolton as the President’s “Achilles heel.”

Most recently (at least before his sudden resignation that is), Bolton had criticized and openly disagreed with the President’s handling of North Korea. He even condemned Trump for forging an arms agreement with such an untrustworthy government such as North Korea. It wasn’t only here that the former National Security Advisor butted heads the President either.

They didn’t agree on Iran. Bolton challenged Trump’s dealings with Russia and there wasn’t a meeting of the minds on how to work with Ukraine either. Now, if any of these latest whispers prove true, it would also suggest that Bolton was attempting to undermine the President the entire time!

Fortunately, and probably best for everyone, Bolton’s involvement at least on a deep level isn’t likely. It does explain though why “Trump was obsessed with Bolton when he [Trump] was in New York. When Trump says the real whistleblower is a spy and should be treated as such, he’s threatening Bolton…” our story said, citing a veteran political consultant in D.C.

Now, about that mysterious whistleblower who somehow was made aware of this imagined web of wrong allegedly spun by the President. Much like the Ukraine call transcripts squelched any idea of some type of pressure or demand from the President to dig up dirt on Biden, the Senate Committee Chairman Linsdey Graham quickly struck down the reality of such a scenario.

According to the story, Graham simply asked, “it is imperative we find out which White House official talked to the whistleblower and why. Why didn’t they lodge the complaint?” Why indeed?

We also realize that the timing of Bolton’s resignation, September 10, also cast suspicions as to his involvement but if Boltn was involved, it was most likely on a superficial level.

Our story clarified this unlikelihood saying, “Logically, if Bolton were feeding the whistleblower information, you would expect the two to have been in proximity… you’d expect the whistleblower to work in the field of national security and to have White House access, just like the National Security Advisor.”

Some have worked very hard to frame and shape this to make it look more than reasonable that all these moving parts somehow came together. It has even been reported that the whistleblower was in Washington, making it look like the opportunity was clearly present. And we already have the motive of dislike between the two men, so yes, it is possible that Bolton was deeply involved.

If you believe all the circumstantial reports. If you can accept the tight timelines or even the idea that Bolton trusted this person enough to speak such things. That is also a lot of “ifs.”

No, there aren’t too many that would be absolutely shocked to discover that in the end, this was John Bolton’s masterminded plan. We wouldn’t be surprised but it wasn’t him. This has a bigger agenda than dislike and disagreement behind it. This was in essence, an attack on the President, the hopes of yet another impeachment attempt the goal.

Eventually, the entire story will come to light. The truth is, that can only be good news for President Trump and most of the country. And the sooner the better. There is no impeachment story here or any nefarious dealings by President Trump with Zelensky, but there is a story yet to be told.

That is a story that many on the other side of the aisle would like to keep quiet. It is a story that the Biden’s would just like to go away but it’s too late. Who leaked, why and who is this whistleblower? Stay tuned because that story is just now getting good.