Sickening Pelosi Sees Racism Where Others See History

The U.S. capital is filled with history. It reminds us of how our country came to be. When we visit Washington DC and take a tour of the Capitol Building, we will no longer see parts of history. Instead, we’ll be reminded of how the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, chooses to see racism.

It takes a lot to see racism where there is history. Instead of being reminded of how Confederate leaders represented their people and led the country through a civil war, they’re going down in history for being racist. We aren’t supposed to be reminded that slavery ever occurred.

Pelosi has decided to focus on removing any reminders of pro-slavery politicians from the Speakers Lobby. Four portraits have been ordered to be removed. These were former House speakers and who also served in the capacity of Confederate leaders.

In an effort to appear more “woke” to her constituents, the order came the day before Juneteenth – the holiday celebrated as the day the last of the enslaved African Americans throughout the confederacy learned of their freedom.

Pelosi made a statement to the press about removing the paintings. She said that the temple of democracy doesn’t have room to “memorialize people who embody violent bigotry and grotesque racism of the Confederacy.”

Really, though, were the Confederate leaders bigots and racists? They were simply a product of the times. They are no longer around to attest to their feelings on the manner.

Additionally, the “slave states” were not exclusive to the south. In 1776, slavery was legal all throughout the 13 colonies. Some states chose to abolish it earlier than others. However, many of our forefathers were slave owners. Thomas Jefferson was one of the most well-known politicians in our country’s history and was also the proud owner of a large number of slaves.

Where is Pelosi’s cry to remove his image from our currency? Where is her cry to remove his statues from all over the country?

Why is she choosing to single out the Confederate leaders as racists when the reality is those slave owners are a major part of our history?

Pelosi has been looking to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol for a while now. She’s been getting quite a bit of heat from Democrats who want to see them gone for “glorifying” those who were pro-slavery. However, the law sits that each state decides which statues to send. Mitch McConnell said he will continue to defer to the states.

Senator Cory Booker has tried to force legislative action for the statues to be removed. However, Senate Rules Chairman, Roy Blunt, has said that the bill needs to be removed. Blunt has also suggested that the committee hold a hearing and recommended that Democrats look to state leaders to have the statues changed out.

Where does it end? Confederate leaders were holding true to what they believed in. During the 1800s, it was acceptable to own slaves. Had they lived in the 1900s or the 2000s, they probably would have adapted to the times. The politicians of the United States have had nearly 200 years to adapt to the idea that African Americans are equal to whites. The slaves are free. Blacks now have the right to vote. The country has even had a black president. The country as a whole has evolved. To hold those Confederate leaders to today’s standards is unfair, and it’s eliminating an important part of history.

History repeats itself. If we do not learn from history, we are sure to make the same mistakes again.