Shameful! Democrats Use Drug Dealers to Protest the Wall

The border wall has been a point of contention for the past three years. The Democrats just cannot believe that the president is having amazing success at controlling the immigration flow.

They hate the fact that he has also stopped a lot of the drugs that are coming into the country by building the wall that he promised in 2016. The Democrats hate the success of their sworn enemy. To fight back they have brought the chief from the Tohono O’odham Nation to give a speech.

The method of protest by the Democrats seems fine except they did not check into the past of the group they selected. The tribe is known and has a long history of smuggling drugs across the border.

The Democrats are truly their own worst enemy. They are exposing all of their secret criminal connections. They hate President Trump so much that they cannot think straight about how to fight back.

The Democrats wanted to showcase the tribe and how the building of the wall was destroying the tribe. Except they ended up exposing that the wall will shut down the illegal flow of drugs moving through the nasty tribe.

In essence, the Democrats have proved that the president’s methods of control the border are indeed working. The Democrats have found a bunch of drug runners that hate the wall and are going to use them to protest against its construction. There is no logic to their reasoning.

The chief spokesperson for the tribe has urged Congress to limit the Department of Homeland Security’s push to finish the wall. They want Congress to put a stop to it. But the funny part about all the effort to stop the wall has only served to propel it forward.

Before the wall can be put through any area there must be an acquisition of land that takes place. Landowners are given the chance to sell the land. If they refuse a reasonable offer, they will soon find that other actions can be taken.

The speaker stated that what the president is doing would be like if a 30-foot wall was taken right through Arlington Cemetery. Except there is nothing similar to what he is saying. There is no illegal crossings or drug smuggling that happens at Arlington Cemetery.

The tribe just hates the idea that their land is divided by the border. Many of the tribal members live on the Mexican side of the line. They hate the fact that the wall will divide their land and close off the border, so they can no longer smuggle drugs into the United States. The flow of cash is about to dry up. All the words that the person is saying are full of lies much like that of a Democrat.

The land that they own is known to be the busiest area of drug smuggling. They have become the hub for drugs traveling through the region. The tribe turned to the cartels to keep money flowing because they have effectively cut themselves off from the business world.

The cartels are willing to pay the tribal people $10,000 just to drive a truck to the other side of the border. No wonder they are so upset that they border wall is coming through. It is time for them to earn an honest day’s wage.

Because their land is divided by a border the United States has allowed them to cross at smaller gates that are not monitored. The tribe has abused this right by bringing drugs with them back and forth. Law enforcement is excited to see that the wall is being built because it makes their job a lot easier.

Paul Gosar, who is a Republican from Arizona stated that “Donald Trump promised the American people he would build a wall along our southern border. It’s refreshing to see a President who actually keeps his promises!

Arizona’s borderlands and environmental laws are exploited by drug cartels, human traffickers, and illegal aliens to gain entry into our Country. To protect our communities from these vicious criminals, we need to build a wall.” This is why the people voted for Trump in the first place.