WATCH: Senator Elizabeth Warren Gets Sassy with Journalist

Every now and then, a candidate will get asked a question which will get under their skin so bad, their true colors show through to the public.  This was the case when the Democratic candidate in the primaries, Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, was asked a question dealing with “racial injustices.”

In South Carolina at an Environmental Justice Forum, Amy Goodman interviewed Senator Warren. She challenged her on a specific issue, which Warren became irritated concerning the primary states and minority voters.  What makes this even more amusing is both Warren and Goodman are left-wingers, and they cannot find grounds to agree with one another.

Goodman pointed out to Warren New Hampshire, and Iowa is predominately white states.  There are very few minorities in those two Democratic primary states.  She asked if it would be an incentive for the other candidates to keep their messages geared toward white voters only.

Goodman asked if it would be in the best interest to change the order of the states.  Senator Warren did not know where to put herself after the question was asked.  the DSA Otherkin Caucus posted on Twitter, “Elizabeth Warren berates Amy Goodman for asking her a reasonable question she refuses to answer, then ends the interview by replying to Goodman’s ‘thank you’ with a scoffed ‘yeah.’  Her disdain for the left couldn’t be more blatant.”

Goodman began with the question before she was rudely cut off by Warren, “Speaking of racial injustice, do you think the order of the primary states should change. You have Iowa and New Hampshire…”

Warren laughed sarcastically and said, “Wait, let me just before you finish, are you actually going to ask me to sit here and criticize Iowa and New Hampshire?”  Goodman countered quickly, “No, I’m asking about the order.  They’re two of the whitest states in the country, and then we move to South Carolina, a very significant population of people of color, and it means the candidates spend so much of their time catering to those first two states. Overall, do you think that should change?”  Warren replied, “I’m just a player in the game on this one, and I am delighted to be in South Carolina, thank you.”

At the end of the interview, the viewers could tell Warren had needed an attitude adjustment when Goodman thanked Warren for appearing in the meeting.  Warren could have sliced and diced Goodman with her looks of disapproval and shrugged her off by saying, “Yeah,” and then walking off the interview.

This is not the first time Warren avoids a question of relevance.  She also avoided the subject during the recent Democratic Debate when asked about raising taxes on the middle-class citizens.

This is something Democrats are notorious for doing, and she avoided the question asked of her in the same manner.  When cornering a Democrat, they tend to become a bit edgy.  For a person like Senator Elizabeth Warren, it showed her true colors, especially when dealing with “racism” and “minority groups,” for which she cares absolutely nothing about.

Democrats feed off the minority groups and the African American Americans and the illegal immigrants to help them get elected by feeding them a line of bull.  Everything changed when President Obama was elected.

It was exposed by the end of his term just because he was black did not mean he was going to help the black communities. In fact, Obama divided the communities and did nothing to help them.  He was the most racist president ever elected and divided this country more than it has ever been.

So former Vice President under Obama, Joe Biden is running a tight race in the primary with Senator Elizabeth Warren.  In South Carolina, where Warren was interviewed, she showed her side of racism by not answering the question.

She is also number two in the primaries in that state, trailing Joe Biden by 20 percent.  How can Democrat voters think for one minute they are going to get anything different from Obama?  This is the party’s agenda as a whole, and the hardcore Democrats are too blind to see it for what it really is.

In many states across the U.S., Senator Warren passed up Biden due to the Ukraine story concerning the Bidens.  At least some of the Democrats are waking up to the truth.  That is about the only good thing we can say about them.  The problem still remains because they are again voting for Democrats.