Senate Dems Push Biden to Salvage Climate Agenda

Matt Smith Photographer/

Like just about any president, Joe Biden made many promises to the American people while campaigning. And like most, not all of those have been fulfilled. In fact, very few of them have.

The only real exception to this is his promise to shut down fossil fuels and supposedly reduce America’s carbon footprint.

Of course, we can’t say that promise has been fully fulfilled yet, as fossil fuels are still legal and being used every day, and America is not any closer to making the world a place where renewable and green are the only names in the energy game.

However, as you have seen and likely experienced, it’s not for lack of trying on Biden’s part. If he’s done anything during his presidency besides bumble around the White House and trip over things, it’s been to limit the uses of fossil fuels and, in so doing, raise the price of gas so much that Americans can’t help but consider the so-called benefits of electric driving, as well as solar and wind energy.

But apparently, all that is not enough for the political left and those who want to see Biden’s climate change plan come to fruition. Shocking, I know…

Usually, Democratic congressional members wouldn’t be so cagy about putting these plans into place now. But with a midterm election season on the horizon that is more than likely to end the majority and control held by the Democratic Party, and possibly even Biden’s career, they are running out of options.

Besides, with the majority in the Senate being what it is, it’s not they’ll ever get any sort of legislation that pushes their climate change agenda forward.

And so, Senate Democrats have chosen to use Biden’s executive power to get their way… again.

Basically, this means that by executive order, Biden could declare a “national climate emergency,” allowing him and his cohorts to put in place all sorts of rules or limitations on fossil fuels.

And so far, it seems Biden is willing to do as much if the Senate continues to fail in pushing such measures through.

According to a White House official who spoke to the Washington Post, “The president made clear that if the Senate doesn’t act to tackle the climate crisis and strengthen our domestic clean energy industry, he will. We are considering all options and no decision has been made.”

Additionally, White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein recently told the media that Biden would “aggressively fight to attack climate change. I think realistically there is a lot he can do and there is a lot he will do.”

If only he would put so much passion and action behind the ongoing immigration and border crises. But I digress…

And Senate Democrats like Oregon’s Jeff Merkley are eagerly awaiting what Biden may decide. According to him, there is “nothing more important” for the US to make a statement about energy by turning away from fossil fuels and toward renewable sources. Apparently, he’s still of the mind that the world will end in 12 or so years unless you stop driving our gas-guzzling rides.

Unlike House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Merkley doesn’t care one whit that Biden is going around Congress to get what he wants to be done. He told the media that declaring a national “emergency” was a good idea and that it’s wise to “unchain the president from waiting for Congress to act.”

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island seems to agree.

He believes the White House should be doing everything it can to fight climate change, no matter how “aggressive” it may seem.

The question now is what measures Biden, and his staff will decide upon to put their plans in motion.

Of course, we know that no matter what the White House decides or comes up with, it will never be enough for progressives who see fossil fuels as the bane of our existence.

Then again, it might not matter all that much. As I mentioned before, it won’t be long before what is expected to be a GOP majority rules Congress. Even without the problems a Republican-led Congress could pose for the left, all of Biden’s rules and executive orders are likely to see no small number of legal challenges.

Of course, that won’t stop gas prices from going up in the meantime…