Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) Rushed To Hospital While On Senate Retreat

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Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) was elected to the Senate even though his campaign hid his health concerns from the general public. Yesterday, he was rushed to the hospital while taking part in a Democrat Senate retreat.

This latest health scare came after Fetterman suffered a serious stroke while on the campaign trail last year. The stroke happened just before the primary where he and his GOP opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz won their parties’ nominations.

“Towards the end of the Senate Democratic retreat today, Senator John Fetterman began feeling lightheaded. He left and called his staff, who picked him up and drove him to The George Washington University Hospital,” said Fetterman’s communications director, Joe Calvello.

Doctors are running tests and he was kept overnight for observation.

The Washington Post Editorial Board criticized Fetterman in an op-ed back in September because of his lack of transparency concerning his health problems following the stroke.

The Editorial Board wrote that when Fetterman returned to the campaign trail he was “halting in his performances,” and he stammered and appeared confused even when keeping his remarks short.

The Pennsylvania senator did not do any press conferences after his stroke and when he finally did a debate with Dr. Oz, he had to use technology because of his issues with auditory processing.

The newspaper also wrote that Fetterman’s team was not credible or forthcoming with how serious the situation was after the stroke.

“The Fetterman campaign squandered credibility by concealing from the public for two days after his stroke that he had been hospitalized.”

The team waited weeks longer to reveal a more complete picture of his medical history. In fact, their response to questions about Mr. Fetterman’s health was to point to a doctor’s note.

We probably can’t expect to hear the real news about this latest health issue with the senator.