See Why Warren is Suddenly Losing Big Time

At one time, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was seen as a primary frontrunner in the 2020 Democratic presidential race. She steadily rose to the top of the candidate list, enjoying good polling numbers all summer and throughout early fall.

She was seen as the “Candidate of Ideas” and as such, rose head and shoulders above most everyone else, even the most electable and well-known contender former Vice President Joe Biden.

However, only a few short weeks later, she is slipping considerably. Although, her “slip” in support is beginning to look a bit more like an avalanche crashing down around her.

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows that Warren has, in fact, lost over half of her support in the last month. In early October she had 30 percent of Democrat or Democrat-leaning vote. And now, in late November, she only has 14 percent of the same demographic.

So what exactly is causing her to fail so miserably now, after months of success?

Well, it appears that part of her problem is that her voters are losing interest in her and choosing others. Just look at Biden’s numbers. Over the past few months, the gaffe king has slipped up a bit, causing voters to lose faith in him, which is probably why Warren has such success in the first place. However, it appears that is steadily recovering.

His numbers were comparable to Warren’s in early October, but then with all the talk of possible corruption in his family, his support dropped to 21 percent in a little more than a week. However, as Warren’s numbers drop, his support seems to be rising again. Currently, he sits with 24 percent of the Democratic vote, according to the Quinnipiac poll.

But South Bend, Indiana’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg seems to be getting even more of Warren’s former voters. As Warren has lost half of her support, Buttigieg as gained twice what he had.

In early October, he was shown to have about 8 percent of the Democrat vote. Now he has 16 percent. And that’s not the only area where he is succeeding. When voters were asked who had the best policy ideas, everyone but Buttigieg lost support. He gained another 5 percent.

And as far as ideas go, there seems to be one that has done more damage than any other to Warren’s campaign: Medicare for All.

When Quinnipiac asked if people thought a single-payer healthcare system was a good idea or a bad one, the support has steadily dropped in the last couple of years. Two years ago, the vote was 51/38 in favor of Medicare for all.

When asked again earlier this year, it had dropped to 43/45. And now, the numbers are nearly opposite what they were in 2017 at 36/52 against Warren’s most prominent policy to date.

What is especially important to note is that much of this reversal in support has come from a demographic that is supposed to be in her corner, left-leaning white college grads. And yet, it appears they are not.

Quinnipiac polling analyst Tim Malloy says that the results of the poll show that “Biden is back on top of the pack, but now there is a 3-way race for second. Buttigieg has broken into the top tier, apparently at the expense of Warren, who has taken a dive after being hammered for being too far left on health care and other issues.”

At first, it seemed like her Medicare for All plan was what drew people to her but after finally rolling out an official policy on the matter, she is being hammered on all sides.

Those to the right or more moderate Democrats think the plan is too far left and that her math isn’t accurate, while those to the far left say she isn’t left enough or at least doesn’t have the guts to tell the truth about her plan like Bernie does.

And Malloy isn’t the only one to notice this.

Aaron Blake also commented on the poll saying, “Q poll suggests liberals might be going from Warren to Buttigieg. Warren went from 48% to 33% among ‘very liberal’ voters. Buttigieg from 6% to 13%.”

And he continued, “Warren went from 31% to 17% among ‘somewhat liberals.’ Buttigieg from 11% to 26%. Biden/Sanders in similar shape w/ liberals.”

It seems for all her high and mighty touting about being smarter than the rest of us, she wrongly assumed what America wants and needs and is now paying for it.