Secret Chicago Plan to Set up a Migrant Camp in Neighborhood Sparks Outrage

Mark Baldwin /
Mark Baldwin /

It’s getting closer to winter weather every day now in Chicago, and it’s dawning on city leaders that the flood of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens pouring into the city is not slowing down. That’s bad news for the Americans who already live in Chicago. They’re being kicked aside to make room for their new neighbors. Things got heated at a meeting in Brighton Park last week, as residents learned that the city has been working on a secret plan to set up a tent city right in the middle of the neighborhood.

Residents discovered that Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office has been secretly planning to set up a camp on a vacant 10-acre lot at 38th Street and California Avenue. Nobody knew this was even going to be happening until it was discovered at a neighborhood meeting for people to complain about all the illegals who have already shuffled into the neighborhood. So far, Mayor Johnson has been stuffing illegals into places like O’Hare International Airport and local police precinct offices so they can sleep on the floor.

The city has now run out of floor space in those locations, so they need to start cramming the problem somewhere else. Some residents in Brighton Park found out about the plan and alerted their local Alderperson, Julia Ramirez.

“[Residents] were calling our office and you know, frankly, that’s how I was first notified,” Ramirez told the local Fox News affiliate.

The mayor’s office wasn’t even going to tell anyone about the plan. They were simply going to set up a tent city and dump 2,000 foreign criminals in the middle of the neighborhood. Imagine being treated with such disdain by your own local leaders. It’s no wonder that Democrat voters are abandoning their support for Joe Biden ahead of the 2024 election.

“I had reached out to the city and they verified that was the case and ever since then, I’ve been pushing the administration to be more open, more transparent about the details,” said Ramirez. “The Mayor’s office did not consult with me or my office about their current plans to construct a temporary shelter.”

Brighton Park might sound like a fancy neighborhood to outsiders, but it’s one of the poorest areas in Southwest Chicago. It’s about to become even poorer if Mayor Johnson succeeds in setting up a new tent city for illegal alien criminals in the middle of the neighborhood. Residents are rightly upset because there are three elementary schools within a three-block radius of the site where Mayor Johnson wants the new camp built.

A meeting in Brighton Park erupted into a protest as enraged locals spoke out against the plan.

“We have concerns about our students, our children who walk on this street every day, how do we ensure their safety?” asked one resident.

Another shouted, “Nobody asked us, nobody told us. We have a few thousand people here who signed their signature and said ‘No!’ We said ‘No!’”

This news comes on the heels of reports that Chicago is offering all illegal aliens $9,000 payments to help with renting their first apartment and buying furniture. Meanwhile, the City of Chicago currently spends the least amount of money of any major American city when it comes to help get homeless people off the streets, including homeless veterans. Where’d the money even come from for $9,000 payments to illegals?

You’d think that a Democrat mayor somewhere would come up with a viable plan to counter Joe Biden’s flood of illegal aliens. But all they’re doing with every decision is making the problem worse and infuriating their own constituents.