Schumer’s Weekly Democratic Address is Very Telling

In the most recent weekly Democratic address, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attempts to paint a grim picture, but the portrait he painted was anything but dark.

That isn’t entirely his fault, however, because there simply isn’t much to criticize. Perhaps we should even applaud the Senator for not taking what has become the standard protocol of Dems, which is to just make up stories when there is nothing pick apart.

At least Schumer didn’t do that. He also failed though, to deliver that blistering address to his fellow Democrats that would get them fired up.

In fact, his critique and stern correction directed at the President and the Republican party was almost encouraging! One story that reported on Schumer’s weekly Democratic address revealed some of his tough talk and what might have been a warning or two although it really was difficult to tell.

As our story shared, Schumer started with the typical and ongoing Trump-bashing, “My fellow Americans… Over the past month, evidence has emerged that the President of the United States pressured a foreign leader to investigate one of his leading political rivals. It is an offense serious enough to warrant a full investigation by Congress…” and blah, blah, blah.

Then Schumer gets serious and states that “If a foreign country can actually affect our elections, Americans will lose faith in our democracy… So we must guard against that… and do things average working families need… Democrats are intent on pushing for working families.” Now, comes the most searing part of his address as he specifically names the areas where Republicans have failed.

He goes on as the story reports, to say, “the price of health care is too high, incomes are too low. Our infrastructure is crumbling, gun violence is an epidemic. Too many Americans have trouble voting, and our elections remain vulnerable to foreign interference. Climate change is an existential threat to the planet that demands bold and far-reaching action.”

Are you okay? Was that too harsh for you? We aren’t sure but it doesn’t seem many of us are losing sleep over being able to properly vote or over climate issues. We all know healthcare cost is an issue, as it has been for decades now, a work still in progress. And of course, that dreaded nightmare about our vehicle getting crushed by a falling bridge is always prevalent.

That was the great angst, healthcare cost, voting practices, the climate, and roads collapsing! Did you notice that there wasn’t any talk about improving the economy? Because it is humming. Did you note the absence of safety and immigration issues? Because immigration reform is working and our borders have never been safer.

Again, as it was mentioned earlier, at least Senator Schumer didn’t create any stories or suggest any conspiracy theories. Of course, he jumped on the Ukraine call investigation boat as any good Democrat should, but we wouldn’t expect anything less.

If this is all the Democrats have to critique President Trump’s first term performance, it makes sense why they are making up stories and crying for impeachment.

Okay, not really, but people do desperate things in desperate situations. And that is exactly what the President has done as a result of his performance as Commander and Chief. He has left little room for critique and is working to keep America great.

This week’s weekly Democratic address was very telling, both in how little it had to say and what it didn’t say at all. Here’s a novel idea for one of the 46 Democratic presidential candidates, they should run on those issues as their platform. Vow to make climate control a top issue followed only by addressing the difficulty people have voting and obviously, those falling bridges.

That is a can’t-miss campaign message and at the top of every American’s list of concerns. Fortunately, there is still time for President Trump to try and address issues before they become his undoing.

Schumer closed his address by saying, “as we continue to fulfill our solemn constitutional duty to hold the president accountable, Senate Democrats will never, never stop putting pressure on Leader McConnell to get the Senate back to work for the American people.”

Because a polluted climate, bad roads, and a problematic voting system are unacceptable and we all deserve better!