Russian 2020 Election Meddling is Being Treated as a Hoax

The Democrats have made a mess of American politics for the past three years by inventing issues that do not exist in real life. One of their favorite ways is to try to pass off that President Trump is in league with Russia to have them meddle in the elections coming up later in 2020. But this time around the president is not entertaining the notion as being true but rather just another Democratic hoax.

President Trump wrote for all to see that it is “Another misinformation campaign is being launched by Democrats in Congress saying that Russia prefers me to any of the Do-Nothing Democrat candidates who still have been unable to, after two weeks, count their votes in Iowa.” They are so fixed on the conspiracy theory that Russia is dictating the elections that they cannot even count their votes.

The Democrats will say anything at this point to try to cover their losses. They are admitting by inventing these fake stories that they have already lost the upcoming election.

The issues started when Joseph Maguire stated that Russia is meddling again. Of which there was no proof to back up his claims. He was dealt with by the president since that time. Something that is also of interest is the fact that Russia is thought to be helping Bernie Sanders win Vermont.

These accusations from the Democrats are what President Trump is saying is to “poison our democracy.” Their fake hoaxes are just another sad attempt for them to destroy America. The Democrats have nothing better to do than to invent stories. And then pass them off as truth using the corrupt media outlets that they fund through their campaign commercials.

President Trump has been extremely vocal against the Democrats since he beat them at their own impeachment game. He stated that he was told as he puts it “They said, ‘you know they’re trying to start a rumor.’ It’s disinformation. That’s the only thing they’re good at. They’re not good at anything else. They get nothing done. Do-nothing Democrats.”

The perfect description of the Democrats “do-nothing.” Their new name from the president sums up the past three years of their terror in the House.

As the Democrats have made their way across the country with their circus campaigning, the president has been raising millions of dollars for his campaign. He has raised millions more than any Democrat can boast about. Every state that the lying Democrats have campaigned in for votes has been visited by President Trump. He has diverted a ton of attention away from their pleas for votes.

The president is helping people remember all the promises that he has delivered in the past three years. Liberals and Democrats are trying to prove that his statements are misleading but are having a tough time making their case. The fact is that no one believes a word that they are saying because they have lied to many times in the past three years.

The media is also trying to downplay his success and speeches, but they are also under attack as he has stated that the media is “the most dishonest human beings in the world.”

He has also called attention to other problems that the Democrats are having along the way with more broken-down voting machines and messed-up vote counts. The Democrats are just proving they are unfit to serve in the president’s office.

The president has had several opportunities to question Russia about the Democrat’s accusations about their meddling. President Trump has stated that Putin flat out denies any meddling.

And the president is believing his story. This only is pointing to the fact that the Democrats are providing fake intelligence reports to people hoping to start some kind of fight.

The president has made some important staff changed because of the stupid reports that some Democrats have passed off as truth. People just cannot fall for any more of their lies. The president must have people on staff that can see through the liberal’s attempts to destroy the sitting president.