RFK Jr’s Intruder Highlights How Broken the Criminal System Really Is

Ringo Chiu / shutterstock.com
Ringo Chiu / shutterstock.com

Robert F Kennedy Jr is political royalty. He’s asked for Secret Service detail from the Biden administration for his safety – and that’s something that most political candidates are allowed to ask for.

Despite countless reasons why RFK Jr should actually have Secret Service detail, Biden denied him.

Now, the presidential candidate experienced an intruder at his home in California. The intruder climbed a fence at his home and was arrested.

Then, because the criminal justice system is broken, he was released the same day – and even returned to RFK Jr’s home that same day.

Kennedy was home during both of the intruder’s visits occurred, and subsequently when both arrests were made.

A press release explained, “Protectors from Gavin de Becker & Associates (GDBA) detected and detained the intruder, who asked to see the candidate. The intruder was turned over to the LAPD. After being released from police custody, the man immediately returned to Kennedy’s residence and was arrested again. The candidate was home at the time of both arrests.”

This should prove that RFK Jr needs Secret Service protection.

Even as recently as October, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, has refused to offer the presidential candidate any kind of protection.

And now, with an intruder being released and returning to the candidate’s home, it really begs the question of what the Biden administration is doing.

Here’s what’s worse. The candidate and his entire team has known about the individual that tried to break into Kennedy’s home. So has the Secret Service. When an October 25 request was sent, it read: “Secret Service has been informed about this man several times in recent months. Secret Service is aware that he has sent hundreds of emails to the candidate, and believes he is being followed by people who intend to kill him. His obsession with RFK Jr. leads him to be at times hostile and angry.”

It’s almost as if the Biden administration wants to watch as RFK Jr is taken out. Isn’t two dead Kennedys enough? A third would be unthinkable, and yet Joe Biden and his team does nothing to stop it.