Republicans Say Dems Are Ruining the Economy

There seems to be no end in sight regarding the ways the Democrats are trying to wreck the economy. They push for people to stay at home and not work. Major businesses in Democratic-controlled areas are closed and the list goes on.

They attempt to simply wreck everything and then blame it on the president. They are essentially using the coronavirus as a political attack platform to set themselves up as a favorite for voter purposes. They are shamefully using the pain and demise of voters for their purposes.

The pandemic lockdowns that are being placed by Democratic lawmakers are strangling economic growth in many areas. They are maintaining lockdowns because they hate the fact that the president’s economic policies are causing massive growth in all areas.

Their point is to come to the end of the year and hope to convince people that the president has failed. But the truth is the economic strength of what the president has allowed is what has kept the economy strong and made it possible to weather the pandemic.

Republicans are coming together and buffering the president from the lies of the Democrats. They have seen the benefit of having him as their leader. He is so popular and beneficial to everyone that he becomes the reason that things grow and develop well. This is what the Democrats truly hate. The Democrats are praying to their god Obama for a turnaround of public opinion of the president.

The Democrats are hoping that people will forget about the virus and how it made the unemployment rise to 14.7 percent. The deceptive Democrats are trying to pin that percentage on the president as if it is all his fault.

But the Democrats push to keep the country closed contradicts their claim that it is the president’s fault why people are out of work. They are keeping people from being able to work by prolonging the shutdown.

The Democrats are going to receive the brunt force of opposition of the voter when it comes time to vote. Brad Todd, who is a Republican strategist, has stated that “It’s a disconnect. Democrats are arguing that the economy is bad and that we should keep it shut down. That’s not going to be lost on voters.”

The Democrats are so clueless to this point because they are so focused on destroying the president that they are missing their duplicity.

Polls are starting to show that people are preferring the Republican’s way of things regarding the economy and economic growth. Also, the general mental and physical health are going to be the end of the Democrat reign of terror in many areas.

People are going to rally to evict long-term career politicians. People do not care about containment at this point like the liberals are pushing. Most of the people have been sick with it and they want to move on.

The Democrats want people to believe that the president has messed up the coronavirus fight. But the facts are showing that he has beaten the threat. The only ones that are fighting the efforts are the Democrats.

They are the ones making everything about the pandemic worse. The facts and data are showing extremely positive results and news for people. President Trump is the only one that has all the facts about how to handle the economy.

Most people do not buy into the lies of the Democrats. They have clearly shown that they only care about themselves and not anyone else. One Republican stated that “Biden’s best play may be admitting that nobody knows what’s to come, but you’re in better shape heading into the unknown with somebody who is stable. It should be easy to make a case for change when you’ve got double-digit unemployment and 100,000 deaths.”

The president is the best case for the future of the country. There is nothing good that the Democrats have to offer the country. Their policies are destructive and divisive. President Trump has the best plan for the next four years and the voter knows this.