Republican David Mooney Lashes Out At AOC And She’s Furious

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been breaking a lot of rules when it comes to secret meetings. While there is supposed to be an “open and transparent government,” AOC doesn’t want to abide by this if it means being able to get President Trump impeached.

Enough is enough, which is when Representative Alex Mooney (R-W.VA.) called her out on it, saying that she was supporting “Soviet-style secret hearings” within the basement of the Capitol. She’s pissed and has taken her disgruntled attitude on Twitter, which has always been her MO.

AOC was in a House deposition in a sensitive compartmented information facility. She noted that several Republican representatives disrupted the meeting. However, those Republicans were supposed to be a part of the House disposition – they were conveniently not invited.

This is when AOC applies the logic that only makes sense to AOC. She called Mooney out on Twitter to say, “You and I both know” when a massive crime has been committed. She goes through the steps, identifying that it’s a necessity to separate witnesses and get their stories to see what adds up. She also said that making the depositions public would allow potential criminals to line up their testimonies.

The Republicans aren’t even looking to make everything public at this moment – they simply want to make sure that the hearings are bipartisan to ensure that the House Dems aren’t saying or doing anything that they shouldn’t.

Close to two dozen GOP representatives stormed the meeting that the House Dems were having, being led by Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida, one of the most vocal defending Trump.

The Republicans have been raising objections to the number of closed-door hearings that have been conducted by the house regarding the impeachment inquiry. Democrats don’t like the idea of hearings being open to the public because of the possibility of coordinated testimony. Meanwhile, Republicans don’t like the idea of closed-door hearings because of foul play.

The House Democrats are considering the possibility of public hearings as early as mid-November, however, due to the possibility of further disruptions – which means that the Republicans get their way.

A member of the House Intelligence Committee, Jim Himes (D-Conn.) says that the stories need to be told, including ambassadors who have come to testify. He fears that it’s going to be the difference between hearing the story and reading a dry transcript.

Ultimately, the Dems know that they haven’t been playing by the rules. They cannot have all of their meetings behind closed doors without sharing the input. The Republicans have had enough, especially since Adam Schiff has been hiding information from the very get-go, especially as it pertains to the whistleblower.

The Republicans have had no choice but to call the Democrats out on their shady activities. The only problem is that the Dems were pompous enough to think that they could get away with it. They want to operate on a double-standard at all times – and it’s people like Gaetz and Mooney who are going to push back to make sure that the impeachment proceedings are being handled legally.

The Democrats have allowed Ocasio-Cortez to become their spokesperson because she’s loud. However, allowing a freshman Representative who is only brave behind her Twitter handle to run the show is a mistake because she doesn’t think logically when people come at her. She complains, points fingers, and makes up facts.

As Mooney points out to AOC, the “sham hearings” are only secret when the House Dems choose for them to be secret because the Dems are constantly leaking information that is damaging to Trump. Mooney also brings up the question of why she would deny Trump the same rights that were afforded to both Nixon and Clinton when they faced an impeachment inquiry. He asks why Dems are afraid of a full vote of the House in order to establish the inquiry. He calls her out a final time to say that the Dems have failed three times to pass an impeachment vote and is now refusing him, the media, and the American people to find out what Representative Schiff is really doing.

How has AOC responded to all of these questions that Mooney has asked? Crickets. She makes a single tweet and then drops her microphone as though that’s supposed to be the end of discussion. The Dems can say that they are following the rules all they want, but they know that they’re escaping within loopholes that are constantly being tested simply so that they can have their way throughout the inquiry.