Reports Show Many Already had the Virus

The coronavirus continues to split the opinions of people on whether or not the country is ready to open. President Trump has already dictated a plan to begin the slow process of getting back to normal.

But the Democrats are fighting hard to keep everyone locked up in their homes. They push that everyone needs to be tested to make sure that the infection is gone for good. But there is a new report that supports President Trump’s plan and shows that most people have already had the virus and never knew it.

The report deals with the idea that many people had the virus and never knew it. What this means is that the excessive media reporting on the high death rate is exaggerated to the point that it is fictitious. The death rate is much lower than what the screwed-up numbers are showing. President Trump has been wise and cautious. He has made choices that others would never make.

All around the country, there are reports of people testing positive with no symptoms. So far there have been homeless people and military people that have no symptoms. The CDC is reporting that nearly 25 percent of the people tested are showing up as being asymptomatic.

And yet other officials are claiming that it could be as high as 70 percent. Dr. Michael Mina from Harvard has stated that the numbers for these people are higher than estimated. He stated that “we have just been off the mark by huge, huge numbers.”

Medical professionals in Iceland have tested 6 percent of their people with the purpose to see how many people had an undetected infection. They reported that a small percentage tested positive.

And yet on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, Vice Admiral Phillip Sawyer stated that “the rough numbers are that 40 percent are symptomatic.” The numbers point to a high parentage of people who are just not going to have an issue with the virus. This proves that the worries of the Democrats are nothing to fret about.

President Trump believes as do many others that the majority of the population may have already had the virus and never knew it. This means that all the people are quickly coming immune to the virus.

But the Democrats would never want anyone to know this because they love controlling people through fear. They would rather the economy crash and burn so they can blame the president and try and take control in November.

The reports are showing that so many people never get sick as the few in the hospitals. Their symptoms never materialize. So, they go on about their lives as if they never had the virus.

One group of people maintain that the testing equipment and antibody testing is unreliable. They say these things with the hopes that they are right. They just want to have a large number of people get sick because it gives them something to do.

One report that was given stated that “results from antibody tests on 3,300 people in California’s Santa Clara county: Between 1.5 percent and 2.8 percent have been infected, they claimed. That would mean 48,000 to 81,000 cases in the county — more than 50 times the number that has been confirmed.” This means that the majority of the people have already been exposed and no one else will get sick.

Skeptics of the reporting are quick to refute the results because it has no pear testing yet. But society is proving itself to be immune to the effects of the virus whether or not the scientific community is caught up to that level of knowledge.

The human body has a great ability to make itself immune to all sorts of viruses and bacterial infections. The problem is that these sources mutate, and the infections start all over again.

President Trump has the best data and reports coming his way. The decisions that he is having to make are for the best in the country. The nation is ready to reopen whether the Democrats agree or not. The open areas are already showing no new infections happening.