Red Wave Pushes Democrats Out of Texas As Their Hopes Go Up in Flames

By danielo/
By danielo/

California has become a stigma of what other states do not want to see happen to their regions. Gavin Newsom has all but destroyed the western paradise and transformed it into a blazing mess. The slick-haired man has taken the joy out of living in paradise and turned into a living nightmare for millions of people. And for that reason, people in the state of Texas have the slogan of “Don’t California my Texas.”

Texans and others do not want the liberals messing up what has been working well for years. Newsom and band of slaves got the ball of liberalism moving, and it did not take long for the state to fall into a socialist environment.

The voters in Texas have realized that one of the most important ways to make sure Texas stays red is to allow the red wave to sweep out the blue trash. People from New York and California have relocated to the massive state with the hopes of fleeing the terrors they were made to live in. In a way, they are just like genuine asylum seekers fleeing to America to escape the horrors of their native lands.

The Democrats had once hoped that they would be able to turn Texas into a liberal arena. But with all the conservatives fleeing Newsom’s dump, that hope is going up in flames. Those coming to Texas loved the environment that once existed in California, but the liberals have messed it all up.

The economy in Texas is thriving because of the freedom that exists in Texas. The liberals strangle everything they come into contact with, which sucks the life out of living. Progress comes to a grinding halt, and people are put out of work.

The state of Texas is one of the few states that has no state income tax. Governor Greg Abbott has worked hard to keep the cost of living low as well. Those two things make a living in Texas a jewel attraction. People have better lives in the Lone Star State than they ever would have in Newsom’s mess.

The red wave is flooding Texas and making a difference. It was thought that the blue people running from their messes would have polluted but what is happening is that those liberals are adopting Republican ideologies.

The gross lies told by Democrats are now falling on deaf ears because no one believes them. These people have switched sides and are now identifying as Republicans. And the Democrats do not seem to care about losing millions of voters to the red wave.

And suppose that was not good enough news. In that case, it also looks like many longtime Democratic politicians are changing sides and going along with the Republicans because they can no longer stand the poison their party is spewing all over them. They are being asked to take a bath in the mire while at the same time hiding the nastiness of their plan.

Ryan Guillen is one Democrat that is changing sides. He stated that Something was happening in South Texas. Many of us are waking up to the fact that the values in Washington D.C. are not our values in South Texas. I’m proud to continue voting the way I have and not doing so against my party.”

Longtime moderate Democrats are jumping ship and changing the makeup of politics in their states. And the red wave is helping make it an easy choice for them. If they want to continue making a difference, they will have to learn a lesson and change sides. Some Democrats look at Virginia and realize it is coming to their states next.

Matt Renaldi is the Texas GOP Chairman, and he noted that “Following this month’s Republican victories in Virginia and in Texas HD 118, this is yet another example of how the increasing extremism of the Democratic Party has alienated Texans who care about smaller government, strong families, safe communities, and the protection of the unborn. Those people have a home in our party.”

The red wave is sweeping across America, and it is just a matter of time before the trash is swept away. People are voting with their heads instead of their feelings because they have realized that the Democrats are the party that is killing America.