“Red Flag” Laws Are the Satanic Gun Control the Founders Warned About

Two mass shooting incidents in two different cities in a single weekend have unleashed the usual torrent of unconstitutional stupidity once again that most of us have grown immune to by now. Both sides of the political aisle attempt to pigeonhole the shooters into the other side’s political ideology. Whoopee. As for the shooters, there is nothing to say. And for the politicians, be very wary of any solution they offer to these incidents.

Representatives and Senators from both parties began pushing so-called “Red Flag” gun control laws over the weekend of the two shootings. The wishy-washy Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is spearheading the passage of a Red Flag law in the Senate, and the insufferable RINO Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) is doing the same for the House. President Trump has issued a statement that “something must be done” in the wake of these shootings. Make no mistake about it: Your rights as an individual American are at risk at this moment in history.

For those who are unfamiliar with the “Red Flag extreme risk protection orders” that you’re suddenly hearing so much about on the news, here is how these laws actually work. Several blue states already have these poisonous laws on the books. Maryland is one of them.

Back in November of 2018, a 60-year-old gentleman from Maryland named Gary Willis got into an argument with some of his relatives. While they were upset with him, Gary’s relatives contacted the authorities and easily convinced a judge to issue a red flag protection order against him. Warrant in hand, police went to Gary’s home at 4:00 in the morning and started pounding on his front door. As any lawful gun owner would do in that situation, Gary woke up and went to his front door with his legally owned firearm in hand. Moments later, he was dead after the police shot him.

Gary Willis was not mentally ill. He was not a criminal. Some of his relatives got mad at him in a domestic dispute and decided to harass him by filing a red flag protection order against him – and he was killed by the police as a result. That’s a “red flag” law in a nutshell. If anyone from your mailman to an angry ex-spouse who you are in a custody battle with convinces a judge that you are dangerous, the police will come knocking on your door to confiscate your lawfully owned, constitutionally protected firearms as well. 

There is no due process in a “red flag” proceeding. Even though you have committed no crime, you do not get to have your day in court and you will not retrieve your firearms or have your Second Amendment rights reinstated until after you go through the legal process and spend tens of thousands of dollars in your own defense. And all it takes to punish you with the “red flag” process is for someone to be angry with you that is willing to go talk to a judge about why you “scare” them.