Ready To Be a Conspiracy Theorist Again? COVID Lockdowns Returning to the List

Corona Borealis Studio /
Corona Borealis Studio /

It gets interesting when the liberal mainstream media gets ahold of the information our fellow conservatives are sharing. So quickly, they slap the “conspiracy theory” tag on it, until it proves to be true. This has been happening time and time again, especially since COVID started. Yet they act like it’s something brand new every time we prove that we know what we’re talking about.

When Alex Jones took the evidence to his “The Alex Jones Show,” he talked about an anonymous “high-level manager in the TSA,” as well as a “Border Patrol-connected” source that confirmed the plans to reintroduce a full COVID lockdown. Coming via a video and Tweet, Jones got his message out, and now the liberals are in full protection mode. They cannot fathom the idea of him being right.

Then again, if you look at the information even the liberals have been leaking in small doses, they are running the same playbook as before. Small pockets are reporting upticks in COVID cases. A college in Atlanta is introducing a full mask policy for two weeks, and other locals are calling for more distance learning classrooms as they report more on people getting sick.

A change like this always comes from small changes at the local level. Like a well-trained organization, the liberals work with the mainstream media to manipulate the narrative to their own devices. This allows them to control what you know about what’s going on and what steps they want you to take next.

Blinding the American people with an overload of misinformation and poor guidance is something the liberals have become rather accustomed to embracing over the last few years. They are making a full effort at trying to lead the American people by cohesion and deceit. In their odd version of reality, this keeps things going while doing nothing but taking advantage of the average American.

To stay ahead of it, major outlets like the Associated Press, CBS, and MSNBC, among many others, have done articles to ensure their followers “know” it’s all a conspiracy theory. Making this big of an effort to get the message out like that takes some serious organization and dedication to keeping the lie up. Their lack of action in getting people to change sides and start registering and voting Democrat, so it’s working. Especially as they stack the deck with illegals.

Reports of two new COVID variants are behind the small reports that led to this intel leak. As usual, they have scientific names EG.5 and BA.2.86. Previously only reported in Europe and Africa, they are editions we haven’t seen yet. This has been fuel for their COVID lockdowns and looks to be a culprit for this new one.

One of the biggest problems accompanying this latest news is how quickly the CDC and other organizations have moved to proclaim that they have no authority to shut things down. Even getting professors of law and other prestigious roles to claim that they would never have the authority to shut things down. In their statements, neither does President Biden, which is why places like Florida were able to escape mandates so easily and bounce back so quickly.

The freedom to allow smaller municipalities to decide what worked best for them ensured the rights of the American people were not being repressed to benefit the few, and it encouraged governors to do the same, and ultimately many county officials also chose the same. In places like Florida, the rules could get a bit confusing at times, especially when Governor DeSantis did things like close tattoo shops with beauty parlors but reopen them separately.

Ever since the first thing was closed for COVID, the American people have been paying the price. It’s time we got the nation back to full strength. Talking about these oppressive plans openly is the only way we can do it. Call me a “conspiracy theorist” all you want. When I’m still right and they start trying to push us that way, I hope you’ll stand beside me and tell them to piss off.