Rand Paul Expresses Dumbfounded Outlook By Omar’s Criticism

Ilhan Omar has shocked a number of people. As a loud, proud, Somali-American, she’ll tell anyone who will listen about her family coming over and seeking asylum. At the age of 17, she became a US citizen. She feels very proud of these facts.

She’s also the first one to criticize the country. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was “dumbfounded” by some of her most recent comments.

Paul explains that it seems as though Omar is very unappreciative of a country who chose to take her in. She says that it’s a terrible place with no justice. Yet, this is the same country that her family chose to come to when conditions were unbearable in Somalia. This is the same country she chose to become a citizen in.

Paul’s View on Omar

Paul has spent a lot of time in Kentucky and as a Senator. He knew another Somali family that came over around the same time as Omar’s family. He talks about how their story is one of hope and wonder. However, that’s not Omar’s story. She has a very angry story – and there’s no reason for all of the anger.

He talks about how she is “bitter” and “angry” about the country. Paul believes that she deserves a rebuke about her comments, saying that the United States is so rotten.

The disapproval over Omar’s comments doesn’t end with Paul. She’s been rebuked by Republicans as well as those within her own party. Trump has called out Omar and the rest of her “squad,” saying that he believes that they hate the country, especially with the filthy language and the questionable actions that they continue to take.

Omar’s View on America

Omar has come forward about how she really feels about America. She believes that being an immigrant allows her to love the country more than anyone who was naturally born into the U.S. She explains that it’s all about America the great, but no one lives those values. She’s bothered by that hypocrisy. She wants American the great to actually be the great nation that it claims to be.

There are quite a few problems with Omar’s view, however. She chose to come to America. Even though she had no choice but to move with her country, she chose to stay. She chose to become a citizen. If she’s so bothered by the hypocrisy, why hasn’t she left yet? This is a country that took her in and shielded her from the horrors happening in Somalia.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

If America is so great and Omar wants to make it great, what has she done to help the nation? Her actions speak louder than words right now, which is what Rand Paul, Trump, and so many of the others on Capitol Hill are trying to point out. Even Pelosi doesn’t get along with Omar because she’s difficult. She’s not voting in a way that would help the country.

She voted “Nay” on the National Defense Authorization Act to allow the Department of Defense to protect the country. She voted “Nay” on Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitarian Assistance, preventing funding from going down to the border when it was desperately needed. The things that she’s voted “Yea” on include things that don’t actually move the country forward as the “great nation” she claims to want. Her only yeas were to enforce subpoenas, condemn resident Trump, and help things like monitoring the ocean.

Omar has become toxic to the House, for both the Republicans and the Democrats. Rand Paul is right to be dumbfounded by Ilhan Omar because she doesn’t make sense for what she talks about. She says one thing and does another. She’s been rebuked more times than Trump, even by people within her own party.

Ilhan Omar’s Twitter page is filled with tweets condemning what’s happening in the country. She says that true patriotism is fighting for “our” country and its dignity. What fight has she actually put up for “our” country? This is the same woman who would like to open up borders, which most certainly would mean losing “our” country’s identity.

Omar blames Trump for dividing the country when she’s the very one responsible for dividing her own party. Pelosi is dealing with a jigsaw puzzle in the House because Omar can’t even get along with her fellow Democrats. Who is really responsible for dividing the country when she can’t see eye to eye with people in her party? The whole thing is dumbfounding.