Rabid Squad Goes Off Leash on Pelosi

For the longest time, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stayed mute about impeachment. She would use almost any other word she could, instead. Things like “investigation” and “inquiry” have gone out the window now that The Squad has gone rabid. The far left-leaning posse of four has been tainting the House one by one. Now, with most of the Dems in the House screaming for Trump’s impeachment, they have finally been able to sink their fangs into Pelosi.

Pelosi couldn’t find a place to run in order to be spared from the disease that The Squad seems to spread everywhere they go. She had two choices. For someone who is usually full of political courage, she was left without any real options. She could either sit and be devoured by The Squad or she could get on board, going full steam ahead with impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi may be able to tend to her wounds now that she has given the far leaning lunatics what they want. She has gone forward with the impeachment inquiry. Now, she can dust her hands of this mess and pass it over to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. If he doesn’t get the job done, that isn’t on her.

Pelosi will have the opportunity to spend 2020 working on House majority. She’s also hoping that Republican voters don’t have the energy by next November with the impeachment inquiry. She wants to make sure that they defeat Trump in the elections as well as making sure that Democratic House candidates are capable of beating the Republican ones seeking their seats.

If everyone is thinking about impeachment in 2020, it may be an easy win for Trump because no one will be focused on anything other than impeachment. This means that she has no choice but to go ahead and make a big show of the impeachment now with the hope that people will forget about it by next year.

The Squad, who is made up of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley, have been calling for impeachment publicly since they were elected into Congress in January. They’ve been able to get their way with the impeachment proceedings. However, they’re still complaining and snarling because they’re not getting all of the credit.

It’s easy for The Squad to talk a big game, too. They are in areas that are reliably Democratic. They can talk about impeachment because it is politically popular where they are. They want the credit, too, because they think they have their reelection campaigns in the bag.

With The Squad foaming at the mouth that they’re not getting the credit for impeachment, they’re doing what they do best – tearing the Democrats apart from each other. Many of the far left Dems are fighting about who should get the credit – when in the end, shouldn’t it be seen as a group effort?

Why should The Squad get any credit when it was Maxine Waters who actually called Trump to vacate his office in 2017? If anyone should get credit, it should be a seasoned politician like Waters who made a public call for impeachment long before anyone from The Squad was even in Congress.

The Squad is what’s wrong with America. They’re part of the swamp that Trump has been trying to drain. They don’t do anything to help the United States. All they’re trying to do is make a name for themselves – and the way that they do that is by creating chaos.

If they’re not headlining the newspapers, they think of something ridiculous to complain about – like not getting credit for the impeachment push. Did they forget that there have been plenty of others in the House calling for impeachment, too?

Pelosi is now left with a House filled with rabid dogs looking to sink their teeth into someone else because they’re crazed lunatics. All Pelosi wants to do is keep order in the House and get through the impeachment without causing too much damage to the Democrats who are in swing districts. The House may get what they want with impeachment, but they may also lose the House majority in 2020 as a process.

Rabid dogs are only allowed to roam wild for a short period of time. At some point, they’re put down so that they are out of their misery. Pelosi is simply doing what she can to avoid being bitten.

Once the impeachment is over and done with, it’s only going to be a matter of time before Republicans come for the Squad’s districts, putting them down once and for all.