Putin’s Rebellion Is Underway As Russian Soldiers Refuse To Continue the War Effort


The fatigue of war is beginning to set in for the Russian military. They are tired of fighting and want to return home. But their wacky leader will not let them come until he has achieved a victory or a total defeat. His relentless push has led several of his men to act out and sabotage their equipment and even shoot down their aircraft.

Deborah Haynes is a Sky News reporter. She wrote that “Demoralized Russian soldiers in Ukraine have accidentally shot down their aircraft, sabotaged their kit and refused to carry out orders. The @GCHQ director will also say Wagner, the Russian private military company, is understood to be prepared to ‘send large numbers of personnel into Ukraine to fight alongside Russians.’ They will likely be used as ‘cannon fodder’ to limit Russian military losses.”

Vladimir Putin started the war off wrong. His arrogance and pride got in the way of his ability to think through exactly what was needed to win a war before the rest of the world could react and intervene. The crazy Russian president miscalculated his enemy, and now his troops are done and ready to come home.

Putin never informed his soldiers about their mission and why they were massing at the border. He told them that it was for training, but instead, it was an invasion. They were told to cross the border and start shooting. He could not bring his troops up to speed with a battle plan or even a concept to motivate them to fight. There even appears to be no long or short-term goals.

Putin did not count on significant credit companies and financial centers to pull out of the country. He failed to save up enough money to complete the path to victory, and now that Russia’s economy has collapsed, he is finding out how hard it is to wage an effective war without having a foundation to build from.

Haynes reported that “Sir Jeremy is also set to say the risks are greater for China than Russia of the two authoritarian states being too closely aligned with each other. And he will reveal indications that Russian cyber attackers are ‘looking for targets’ in countries opposed to Russia’s war in [Ukraine]. The @GCHQ director will say Putin’s advisers are afraid to tell him the truth about what is unfolding in Ukraine, according to an advance copy of the speech, which is taking place at the Australian National University in Canberra.”

Putin’s advisors are afraid to give an accurate report of what is taking place with the war effort. The man has changed, and people are unsure how he will take the terrible news that he is losing the war.

The soldiers from Russia are struggling to fight. The Daily Wire has noted that some of the invaders are without weapons, and some of them have refused to obey the orders of their superiors. They have resorted to destroying their equipment and even shooting down their planes.

And what is even worse than Putin’s men fighting him is that, as the Daily Wire noted, some of his men ran over Colonel Medvechek because of the number of people he led to their death. His troops’ losses under his command were enough for his men to execute their commander. The total number of general deaths stands at seven for the Russian troops.

Putin is a president that does not care about his men. All he can see and wants is a victory. But when there is no plan to achieve any goals, a victory will never happen.

The Ukrainian people know what it takes to defend their country. They have targeted the key people running the war. They figure that if no commanders or generals are left to fight, the war will stop, and the Russians will go home.