Prosecutor on Jack Smith’s Witch Hunting Team is a Major Democrat Party Donor

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

It’s pretty obvious by now that the Democrats are not confident in their vote-rigging prowess, based on the way that they are attempting to commit a “political assassination by other means” against Donald Trump. The Democrats are attempting to take Trump off the board completely by jailing him. Like the Mueller Russia collusion witch hunt that took place previously, this current witch hunt by prosecutor Jack Smith is shaping up to be a ludicrous exercise in partisan politics rather than anything that vaguely resembles the rule of law. At least one prosecutor on Smith’s team has been outed as a major donor to Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, if you can believe that.

Jack Smith himself lives on foreign soil and is married to Michelle Obama’s documentarian/biographer. No conflict of interest there! The judge hearing Smith’s fake January 6 case against Trump in Washington, DC, Tanya Chutkin, used to work at the same law firm as Hunter Biden. She represented the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma and Fusion GPS, the company that concocted the Russian “dossier” for Hillary Clinton. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The Mueller witch hunt that gobbled up tens of millions of taxpayer dollars was populated by a “who’s who” of Hillary Clinton donors. Despite the unfairness of the forces arrayed against him in that witch hunt, Trump prevailed in the end. Mueller’s team of Hillary donors failed to find any Russians or any collusion. We’re not legal experts, but it seems like those are two key ingredients you would want to find in order to prove that someone was guilty of “Russia collusion.” (In case it needs saying, Russia collusion is not any sort of actual crime listed in the US Code.)

Now we’ve come to learn that at least one prosecutor on Smith’s team donated $5,600 to Joe Biden during the 2020 election. His name is David Rody. When Kamala Harris’s doomed campaign for the presidency kicked off in 2019, Rody donated $500 to her. He also donated approximately $7,000 to additional Democrat causes and candidates between 2018 and 2022. That includes a $2,500 donation to the Democratic National Committee and $1,000 to Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), who is an avowed Marxist.

That’s more than $13,000 out-of-pocket that David Rody donated to candidates and causes that are violently opposed to Donald Trump and the MAGA movement. Does anyone believe that a prosecutor who shells out that kind of money exclusively to one political party can be fair and unbiased in an investigation of the man who gives every Democrat nightmares?

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (D-CO) didn’t mince any words in describing this obvious conflict of interest on Twitter (or ‘X,’ as we’re supposed to call it these days):

“He [Rody] could never serve on a jury in this case, but he can assist the prosecutors despite his wild biases? The weaponization of our federal government reaches new heights each and every day.”

Rody is the former head of the Violent Crimes Unit of the New York Southern District US Attorney’s office. He was working in private practice in 2022 when he left that job to specifically join Jack Smith’s team of witch hunters. Rody made the $2,500 donation to the DNC and the $1,000 donation to Rep. Goldman right before Smith brought him on board, so it’s not like he’s abandoned his leftwing extremism since then.

President Trump is never going to get a fair trial in Washington, DC. That’s the whole point, though. They know they cannot defeat him at the ballot box, so they have to try to take him out in some other way.