Progressive Restaurant Kicks Black News Analyst Out for Conservative Views

Black Salmon /
Black Salmon /

A black news analyst and some of his friends went to breakfast at a North Miami place called Paradis Books and Bread last week. As he was visiting with his friends, he noticed that the progressive owner of the store was zeroing in on his conversation. When she realized that the news analyst was a black conservative, that was just a bridge too far. She went into full Democrat Party Jim Crow mode and informed the news analyst that his kind was not welcome at her lunch counter. She kicked him out.

Unfortunately for her, this black conservative news analyst has a fairly big megaphone. His name is Gianno Caldwell, and you probably see him on Fox News programs several times every week if you’re a regular watcher.

Caldwell says he was having breakfast with some of his new neighbors who he barely knew when the incident happened. As they were conversing over breakfast, the progressive white liberal lady who owns Paradis Books and Bread kept eavesdropping on them. Something that Caldwell said finally pushed her over the edge.

In addition to refusing to allow a black man to sit at her lunch counter, the owner then insulted Caldwell further on the restaurant’s Instagram page. She wrote that, “Their behavior and their words made other folks in the space as well as the one of us working very uncomfortable.”

It’s always the same with these progressive white liberals. Your speech is “violence” against them, while their very real violence and racist acts toward you are “speech.” Gianno Caldwell is a fairly moderate conservative, which most people realize when they watch one of his segments on Fox News.

But to a white liberal lady, any minority who strays even slightly off of the progressive orthodoxy plantation must be crushed immediately and banned from polite society. She didn’t just boot Caldwell away from her lunch counter – she also kicked out his neighbors who he was being friendly with.

You might be wondering what exactly Caldwell said that triggered the white liberal lady so badly that she kicked him and his neighbors out. Was he praising Donald Trump? Was he calling for another “insurrection” with no firearms at the US Capitol? Was he arguing in favor of DACA illegal aliens being deported?

No. Not even close. Caldwell was talking to his neighbors about his book, which is titled, “Taken for Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans That Liberalism Failed.” He was also talking about the fact that he was on Capitol Hill last week talking to lawmakers about the senseless violence that is destroying progressive hellholes like Chicago. Caldwell’s younger brother was murdered in a drive-by shooting in heavily gun-controlled Chicago just last month.

“This was so problematic to this lady that she told me that I needed to get out of her establishment,” notes Caldwell. “If this was not the Jim Crow South, I couldn’t tell how much of a difference.”

This incident reveals the unchanging nature of white progressive liberals. Minority groups are only of value to them so long as they vote a straight Democrat Party ticket every time, on every issue. If a minority strays even a teensy bit off course, a white liberal is likely to start hurling the n-word at them while committing all sorts of acts that they would normally call “hate crimes.”

It’s the same progressive hatred of minorities that has been part of Democrat Party politics since the 1800s, and which led in part to the Civil War. Liberals have been unwavering in their very real hatred of minorities for centuries. The fact that this liberal white lady felt so comfortable bragging about banning Caldwell from her lunch counter tells you everything, doesn’t it?