President Trump Gives “The Real Story” on Ukraine

Sunday, President Trump is pushing for the former Vice President Joe Biden to be investigated over the dealings with Ukraine.

President Trump admits there was a phone call conversation between him and the Ukraine leader, but the Democrats want to impeach him because he talked to another leader over an investigation.

This shows how stupid and desperate the Democrats are in pinning Trump with something over nothing.  If President Trump breathes, his is wrong and should be impeached.  This is the Left’s line of thinking, and it needs to stop.

Sunday evening President Trump took to Twitter and posted what really happened. “Now the Fake News Media says I “pressured the Ukrainian President at least 8 times during my telephone call with him.” This supposedly comes from a so-called “whistleblower” who they say doesn’t even have a first-hand account of what was said. More Democrat/Crooked Media con.”

President Trump went on to say, “Breaking News: The Ukrainian Government just said they weren’t pressured at all during the “nice” call. Sleepy Joe Biden, on the other hand, forced a tough prosecutor out from investigating his son’s company by threat of not giving big dollars to Ukraine. That’s the real story!”

The truth is, there needs to be an investigation.  Former Vice President Biden and his son did conduct illegal activity while he was Vice President.  This is why Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General William Barr agreed.  But no one on the Left wants this made public.

Too late!  It already is, and if the best they have to run for the Democratic seat is Joe Biden, then they stand a chance to lose him in the investigation.  If the Democrats can stop the investigation, then they can continue to use “Sleepy” Joe Biden as their puppet.  It would also lead to another exposed Democratic tactic which will burn them in the end just like all the rest.

We all want this circus act to end, but maybe if it continues, it will because they will only hang themselves in the process of their deceitful ways.  Friday, a “whistleblower” filed a complaint of “Trump’s interaction with a foreign leader.” So now they do not want President Trump talking to a leader of another country.

Why?  Because they have the proof to burn the Democrats number one candidate who is stupid enough to ruin their party.  The response on social media is impressive.  The majority of people side with the opinion, the Left should just give it up.  They cannot pin Trump with anything because he did not do anything wrong.

President Trump never denied the fact he did talk to Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukraine president, about how he wanted an investigation of Hunter Biden which would lead back to the former vice president.

If it does go into an investigation, then guess what?  It also goes back to President Obama, who knew about everything.  This scares the hell out of the Democrats because our tax dollars went to conduct this business transaction.  President Trump told reporters Sunday the talk with the Ukraine leader was a “perfect conversation.”

Trump also had a question for the reporters.  He wanted to know, “Why is the media not paying more attention to the Democratic front runner’s actions?” The “whistleblower” also received the president’s criticism and said it was “a false claim.”

Hunter Biden was involved in working with a Ukrainian natural gas company.  Joe Biden was involved with the release of a Ukrainian prosecutor at the time his son was working with the company.

Rudy Giuliani fired back as the GOP “whistleblower” against the Democrats.  His claim has also been proven that there was $3 million laundered from Kiev to Hunter Biden.  This leaves a significant problem for Democrats.

Giuliani defended Trump by saying, “If Dem party ‘doesn’t call for an investigation of ‘Bidens’ millions from Ukraine and billions from China, they will own it. ‘Bidens’ made big money selling public office. How could Obama have allowed this to happen? Will Dems continue to condone and enable this kind pay-for-play?”

Hunter Biden admitted to the public he did speak to his father “just once” about the dealings with Ukraine.  Joe Biden was caught in the lie claiming they never talked about the business deals.  That is when President Trump shot up and said, “And now he made a lie when he said he never spoke to his son.  Of course, you spoke to your son!”  Collusion lies with Democrats and there is proof!