President Trump Exposes China as a Nation That Embraces Genocide

President Trump had some critical words to tell the world as he headed off to make future plans for America. He took the microphone and blasted the communist nation for their mistreatment of the Uighur’s genocide act that they committed against those people.

In a speech of truth, President Trump exposed China’s murderous actions that it is taking against people within its own borders. The mass execution of thousands of people is the trademark of communist China.

The State Department report shows that China is putting people in internment camps and forcing people into sterilization efforts. The attempt is to control the population in the northwestern region.

This is the murderous nation that Joe Biden wants to court around and make friends with. He would turn a blind eye to their actions and support the communist regime.

Joe Biden owes China millions of dollars in loans that he took. His plan was to treat them real nice since he owed them so much money. In a sense, Biden is owned by the Chinese since he is at their mercy financially. The weak president is a liability to America since the red nation can easily influence him.

President Trump took this action because he supports the fair treatment of all people. China is deliberately murdering its own people and hiding the act. The communist country continues to violate fundamental human rights and believes that they will never be held accountable for those actions.

China is a significant threat to the security and prosperity of the United States. Joe Biden does not have the backbone to stand up to such hostile leaders. He would instead make fake treaties and agreements with them while at the same time manipulating the American people into believing that all is well with the murderous state.

President Trump has thrown down the gauntlet and is forcing Biden’s hand regarding China. He has provided Biden with a major reality check for the old man as his mind continues to deteriorate from his dementia.

Biden has come out and stated that he loves the Chinese people. He was hoping to warm up to them and return to a normal way of relating to them. China loves Joe Biden because he is going to make it easy for them to rip off the American people.

But President Trump has taken a moment to ensure that America is protected by the truth that he has let out. Biden will have no choice now but to act on the intel that is now public.

Old man Biden would choose to ignore the pandemic that China unleashed on the world. He would choose to ignore their harmful influence on the African frontier. And he certainly will not push the truth that the China virus came out of the heart of China. Something that they have tried to a coverup by murdering people and lying to the media.

Biden wants to economically supply China with the income to destroy America from the inside out nearly. The eradication of the people in the north signal a coming storm. Once they are done killing off their own people, they are going to turn to other lands to conquer.

They have already been taking research and technology from American soil back to their homeland by hiring spies to work for them. They rip-off American universities by removing genetic samples and carrying them in their luggage back home. There they hand over the material to the communist leaders that turn it into a weapon.

Chinese propaganda is popular in the liberal media. They will continue to hide the truth behind their made-up news reports. And the American media outlets such as CNN and others will print the fake news like they always do.

President Trump knew how to handle China, limiting their ability to affect other people. The tariffs and other acts that he had placed on them forced them to work with other people fairly. But now that Biden is living in their bank accounts, they are set to resume their hateful spree of violence.